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1. Has this product had any professional testing or trialling?

2. How important is it to read and follow instructions and how do I decide which model Sleepwrap to buy?

3. What are the dangers of using second-hand or homemade/copycat Safe T Sleep Sleepwraps?

4. Do babies seem to like being wrapped in the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product?

5. What do I do if my baby doesn’t seem to like the Sleepwrap?

6. My baby turns around in the Sleepwrap product – what can I do?

7. When and how is my baby able to be taught to turn within the Sleepwrap?

8. How may the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product assist with better sleep patterns?

9. Can you sleep a baby on their tummy in the Sleepwrap?

10. Can I co-sleep with my baby?

11. Why use Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap products with babies 9-months or older? Or why bother using a Sleepwrap product if babies can undo the fastening strips?

12. Is it possible to introduce a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product to a child over 12-18 months of age?  And how long is it sensible to keep using it?

13. If I place my baby at the foot of the cot without a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap will this guarantee his/her safety?

14. Could the Sleepwrap pose any danger to my baby?

15. Can a baby overheat with a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product?

16. Can the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product help prevent my baby from getting cold – kicking all the blankets off?

17. What options do I have if I have a Premature and/or very wriggly Olympic/Houdini baby?

18. Can I use the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap in conjunction with a baby sleeping bag product? If used together, will my baby be too hot?

19. What is the best way to swaddle/wrap my baby when I also want to use a Sleepwrap?

20. Why and how should I use the Safe T Sleep MULTIwedge?

21. How can the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap & MULTIwedge products help prevent & correct flat & misshapen heads?

22. Why do I need to use a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product to correct a flat head when Doctors and Surgeons suggest a ‘helmet’?

23. How long will it take to correct my baby’s flat head?  Is my child too old for the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and/or MULTIwedge products to work on his flat head?

24. Can I put my baby straight into a cot (rather than bassinet first)?

25. The fastening strips seem very noisy.

26. Can I use a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and Monitors together?

27. At what age should I wean my baby out of the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap?

28. Is it safe to use a 'second hand' Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap?

29. Is my side sleeping baby safer in a Sleepwrap?

30. How can I introduce the Sleepwrap to my older baby?

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