Frequently asked questions, our answers and advice about Safe T Sleep baby safety products. Helping babies sleep safely for over 30years.

As you can imagine, our Safe T Sleep team gets lots of questions from parents and caregivers about the baby safety products and safe sleeping for babies. We’ll do our best to answer them all, so feel free to contact us if you can’t find the answer you are looking for in the FAQ's below. These have been developed over the last 31years alongside mothers, health professionals, the Inventor of Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and her team.

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is a practical baby wrap swaddle to
compliment nurturing positive parenting and supervision skills. The Sleepwrap
baby wrap secures around most mattresses anywhere in the world and has an
attached separate piece for around baby’s torso. Suitable from newborn – 2years
old, the Sleepwrap simply goes over any type of swaddling, sleeping bag or
sleepwear for safe, snug and more restful sleep.

It helps prevent injuries and fatalities without restricting breathing
or natural movements. It also offers parents, grandparents and caregivers
significant Peace of Mind and Portable Convenience when Travelling.

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Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap swaddle for wriggling or rolling babies