Proudly New Zealand Designed, Owned & Operated The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is the best, practical, more versatile and economical safety Baby Wrap swaddle for home and away |

It is unwise and unsafe to use Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap baby wrap for more than four years. After this lifespan the fabric weave consistency cannot continue to provide a firm, wide band. This could put babies at risk, as the used; now flimsy fabric may bunch up into a narrow cord which could cause localised constriction and/or pressure around the baby's chest and tummy.

After 4 years the automatic fastening strips and fabric will eventually lose their strength, and grip and the safety may be compromised. See

Incorrect, untested fabric and dimensions may place babies at risk.

After 4 years of use the product has provided an extremely economical and versatile life span.

Also see FAQ#4.

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