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Choose your Sleepwrap baby wrap size according to the bed size mattress that you choose to sleep your baby on: https://www.safetsleep.com/collections/all-safe-t-sleep-products

The latest MINI size Sleepwrap fits: mattresses 37cm wide x 2.5 deep. Bassinet, small bedside/side bed co-sleeper bassinet, moses basket, carrycot and baby hammock. Age: newborn – approximately 6months. https://www.safetsleep.com/collections/best-safe-t-sleep-core-products/products/mini-sleepwrap?variant=12603048984599

COT/CRIB size Sleepwrap fits: mattresses 70cm wide x 12cm deep. Crib bedside/side bed co-sleeper, standard NZ/American and large EU cot/crib. Age: newborn – approximately 2years. https://www.safetsleep.com/collections/best-safe-t-sleep-core-products/products/sleepwrap-cot-crib?variant=19473060805

CLASSIC size Sleepwrap fits: standard bassinet, pram bassinet, carrycot, moses basket, baby hammock, standard NZ/American and large EU cot/crib, portable cot/crib, boat, caravan and standard single bed Age: newborn – approximately 2years. https://www.safetsleep.com/collections/best-safe-t-sleep-core-products/products/sleepwrap-classic?variant=739083269

LARGE TRAVEL size Sleepwrap fits: standard and large cot/crib, portable cot, standard single bed, boat, caravan, king-single, double, queen and standard king bed. Age: newborn – approximately 2years. https://www.safetsleep.com/collections/best-safe-t-sleep-core-products/products/sleepwrap-large-travel?variant=335485460

The little Safe T Sleep HEADwedge, when baby is back sleeping, should be tucked well underneath the main part of the Sleepwrap. This helps prevent/correct Flat Heads, unnecessary trauma and thousands of dollars of remedial costs. It is most suitable for babies under 6months old to help keep babies head on alternate sides. https://www.safetsleep.com/products/headwedge?variant=335505881

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