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  • Est., 1992 Hospital Clinically Proven

    100% success record NO Cot Deaths or injuries

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  • The worlds safest, most comfortable swaddling babywrap!

    Safe, snug and better sleep for baby

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  • Safer sleep, natural flexible movement for baby and peace of mind for parents.

    Helps prevent cot/crib/bed accidents, wriggly babies rolling, climbing and falling.

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Safe sleeping for baby with a Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap®

The Sleepwrap baby swaddle! Giving newborn to 2year olds natural movement, safe, comfortable and more restful sleep.

Baby sleeping on back? Baby sleeping on side? No problem! The Sleepwrap baby swaddle is the best, practical, more versatile and economical swaddle ‘arms up’ way to keep baby safe.

Simply goes over any baby sleeping bags or sleepwear and fits mattresses worldwide from bassinet to king sized beds, including bedside bed co-sleeper bassinets.

How the Sleepwrap baby swaddle works:

The Sleepwrap baby swaddle wraps comfortably around baby’s torso; preventing awkward, dangerous baby sleeping positions, yet allowing all natural movement. Baby’s arms, legs, hips are free to move naturally yet safe from baby bed accidents. A wide 100% top quality cotton strip secures around the mattress.

Safe T Sleep Product Reviews

“We enjoy the full 8 hours uninterrupted sleep, content in the knowledge our son is safe and warm.” 
Adrienne Smith

“When my daughter is in her cot, I feel confident, knowing that she is safe.” 
Christine Frost - Registered Paediatric Nurse

“My 5 mth old was rolling over in his sleep and planting his face into the mattress. My husband and I took turns to stay awake to roll him back over. Now we finally get a good night’s sleep. Thank you!”
Christina Wood

“Thanks Safe T Sleep for helping us have the sleep filled holiday we were dreaming of with our twins on our 3 week caravan holiday!”
Lauren Jacobson

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