Safer sleeping for your baby & peace of mind for you with our Safe T Sleep® products

Baby not sleeping? Baby wriggling/rolling in sleep? Baby sleeping on back? Baby sleeping on side? No problem! The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap baby wrap is the best, practical, more versatile and economical baby wrap swaddle ‘arms up’ way to keep baby safer when sleeping.

Giving newborn to 2year olds all natural movement, safe, comfortable and a more restful, longer sleep. Baby’s arms, legs, hips are free to move naturally yet safer from potentially dangerous and awkward baby sleeping positions and bed accidents. Peace of mind for parents.

Great for travelling, visiting, boating, camping and more. 

For even more peace of mind in the first six months use a Sleepwrap together with a little Safe T Sleep HEADwedge to help ensure baby gets a lovely shaped head.

Since Safe T Sleep's conception in 1976 and delivery onto the world market with the Sleepwrap in 1992, hundreds of thousands of babies worldwide have slept safely in the patented and *hospital clinically proven Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap with NO reported fatalities, cot accidents or injuries!

Find out more here The New Zealand Medical Journal here 

Finding the right advice and baby sleep safety products will make life with your new addition a whole lot easier.

How the Sleepwrap® works

The Sleepwrap wraps very securely around the mattress but just snugly and comfortably around baby’s torso up underneath the armpits, helping prevent awkward, dangerous baby sleeping positions, yet allowing all-natural movement at each stage of development.

The Sleepwrap simply goes over any modern or traditional swaddling, baby sleeping bags and any kind of sleepwear baby wears to bed. The Sleepwraps fit mattresses worldwide from bassinet to king sized beds, including bedside bed co-sleeper bassinets and everything in between. Choose your Sleepwrap according to the bed size you are using for baby.

Helps prevent babies from

- Rolling or wriggling onto their tummy

- Creeping and crawling under bedding or into uncomfortable and potentially dangerous positions

- Becoming jammed in a corner or hard up against a cot/crib end

- Getting tangled in the bedding or swaddling

- Pulling themselves up in the cot/crib

- Climbing and falling from a cot/crib or bed

How the little Safe T Sleep® HEADwedge works

To be used together with a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap baby wrap. For young babies, under 6months. Helps to prevent Flat/deformed Heads. For a safer baby and a lovely shaped head.

The little HEADwedge tucks well under the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap to sit underneath baby’s shoulder and beside the head, alternating head position at each sleep.

Safe T Sleep Product Reviews

“We enjoy the full 8 hours uninterrupted
sleep, content in the knowledge our son is safe and warm.” 
Adrienne Smith

“When my daughter is in her cot, I feel
confident, knowing that she is safe.” 
Christine Frost - Registered Paediatric Nurse

“My 5 mth old was rolling over in his sleep
and planting his face into the mattress. My husband and I took turns to stay
awake to roll him back over. Now we finally get a good night’s sleep. Thank
Christina Wood

“Thanks Safe T Sleep for helping us have the sleep filled holiday we
were dreaming of with our twins on our 3 week caravan holiday!”

Lauren Jacobson

"Firstly thank you so much for inventing such an amazing product! Personally,
I believe it has saved my daughter to undergo surgery & be in a cast early
on in her life."


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