How important is it to read and follow instructions for the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap?

Very Important!
  1. As with all baby/child products, when the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is used correctly, in accordance with the instructions and in conjunction with nurturing, loving, skilled parenting, it is a wonderful aid for parents, grandparents and caregivers. How to use
  1. The Safe T Sleep website, marketing, packaging, instruction leaflets and brochures have resulted from extensive consultation over many years with parents and the medical profession.
  1. One thing that generally concerns safety-conscious baby product designers and manufacturers is the extended ‘circulating’ and ‘overuse’ of, particularly, baby safety products.
  1. Under usual conditions the Safe T Sleep Sleepwraps safest usage period is two years. After two years of use you have had exceptional value for money and it’s time to throw it away or recycle as rags.

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