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The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap was invented by a mother for babies newborn-2years old as a ‘wrap’ for use during sleep and just the few moments before and after sleep. It is designed to be used with loving, positive parenting skills. It is not intended as a restraint. Therefore if you wish to ‘help’ keep a newborn baby off the tummy you will need to follow the simple instruction leaflet within the product package.

Somewhere approximately between 6-9months of age, babies are at the developmental stage of experimenting with varied sleep positions.  Most parents prefer to keep their sleeping baby off the tummy for approximately the first 9months of age or so.

A good time to encourage rolling over and back again is during supervised ‘tummy/floor time’ on a comfortable, warm, unbunchable, flat mat in a non drafty area.

Whether inside a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap or not, the developmental stage of turning would be taking place at approximately 6-9months of age.

NB: An older baby, who can turn from tummy to back and back again, and is out of the high Cot death/SIDS/SUDI risk period, can simply be taught to turn within the Sleepwrap and sleep in their desired sleep position.

My baby is rolling/turning and/or creeping around in the Sleepwrap baby swaddle – what can I do?Mieke (Aged 3years old)

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