Can I use the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap in conjunction with a baby sleeping bag product? If used together, will my baby be too hot?

Many parents feel it is preferable to use a Sleepwrap together with a baby sleeping bag because: baby can still roll and creep during sleep into awkward and potentially dangerous positions and are at higher risk of toppling and falling when they are at the standing and climbing stage.

A. Baby has a comfortable, more restful sleep. Many babies from newborn-2years old do like the feeling of comfortable boundaries and that ‘tucked in’ secure feeling.

B. It gives parents, grandparents and caregivers peace of mind due to many babies being able to creep only forwards or downwards from approximately newborn-2years old with the imminent possibility of the danger of ‘preventable’ suffocation due to positional asphyxia suffocation. Ref: NZ.MED J 2002; 115: 1934.

C. When just in a sleeping bag alone some babies often stand and topple. Mothers, medical staff and professionals have reported these incidents to us. The writer has nursed injuries as a result of this. See FAQ#2.

D. Some young newborn babies can still turn over on to their tummies, which may put them at a higher risk as they can still creep into potentially dangerous and suffocating positions.

E. An older baby out of the high Cot Death/SIDS/SUDI risk period can be gently taught how to turn within the Sleepwrap baby wrap, which is ideal for the development and comfort of older babies. The leg piece on the Sleepwrap can be tucked away underneath the main Sleepwrap part. This allows a baby, who can roll from tummy to back and back again, to sleep in their desired sleep positions.


It is this simplicity and minimal restriction which adds to the comfort and yet security of the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap. Also see FAQ#4.

To check if babies are overheating, Pediatricians tell us to feel the baby’s back and the neck, and to look at the baby’s colour. If red and sweaty, they are likely to be too hot. Also trust your instincts; and be aware of your own temperature. Also ensure that the fabric of the sleeping bag is a natural, breathable fabric, 100% cotton in summer and merino wool in winter.

The special weave, tested, 100% cotton Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap baby wraps have been tog rated at only 0.27, which means it is extremely breathable, making it very suitable to be used in combination with a natural fibre sleeping bag for babies from newborn to 2years old and also suitable in very hot climates.

Paediatricians often advise to raise the cot/crib mattress by 45 degrees for young babies suffering from baby Acid Reflux/Gerd/Colic or respiratory problems. Many parents have advised us that they use a baby’s Sleeping bag and the Sleepwrap together, it’s very helpful, as baby cannot slip down to the bottom of the cot/crib bed.

Simply elevate the top end of baby’s cot/crib by using large books or blocks underneath the cot feet.