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Preventable baby deaths back in the spotlight

Preventable baby deaths back in the spotlight

The news this week that a coroner ruled the death of a 4-week-old baby boy in June last year as preventable if an appropriate safe sleeping aid was used. This has led to a recommendation for funding to give all mothers an approved baby safe sleeping aid at birth. Until they are 12 months old, babies are vulnerable to SUDI (Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant) during sleep, especially when parents choose to co-sleep with their infant in an unsafe way.

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Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap babywrap reviews

Safe T sleep has been a game changer for me starting 13 years ago with my first child. So easy and comfortable to use. In 2020 I used the safe T sleep again with my daughter, firstly when she started rolling, but still needed the comfort of her swaddle she felt so protected and used it until 14 months old. I will forever be grateful for this sleep aid. Highly recommended!
I had the absolute privilege of speaking to the lovely Miriam inventor of the safe T sleep. She is one incredible caring human being and positive role model. She really helped shape my mindset in lots of positive ways. I felt so empowered after she called me, it was the call I needed that day after lots of struggles including a baby who woke relentlessly throughout the night.
Thank you so much for your support and time your spent listening to me. 
Tammy Hawkins
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It’s time for the biannual OHbaby! Awards – the time to recognise and showcase the best in the baby business.
The OHbaby! Awards 2022 celebrate and reward quality in pregnancy and parenting-related products and services, as judged by you - New Zealand parents.
This year, Safe T Sleep celebrates 30 years of safety success and with thousands of parents and caregivers choosing safety since 1992, winning another OHbaby! award would be an amazing way to top the celebrations!
You can help us make this happen!
Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and nominate Safe T Sleep in the Best Baby Wrap/Swaddle, Best Baby Sleep Aid, Best Safety Product, and all other relevant categories.
Thank you so much!
Nominate Safe T Sleep and all your other favourite products here:
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How to use the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap Babywrap


This is a Sleepwrap babywrap designed to be used with loving, nurturing, trust-building parenting skills. 

Choose your Sleepwrap size according to the babies bed size you are using. 

Safer, more comfortable and restful sleep for babies newborn to 2years old.


1. Wrap the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap babywrap very tightly around a good quality mattress but NEVER tightly around baby…just snug around baby’s torso; right up underneath armpits, allowing a flat hand between baby and wrap.

The tighter that the main wrap is around a good quality mattress, the more flexibility there will be for baby in the 'baby wrap' part and the better the Sleepwrap will work.

It is helpful to tighten this main mattress wrap part before each sleep.

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