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Consistently since 1992 the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap reaches up to 20% of all first time babies born each year in New Zealand alone. There have been no reported injuries or fatalities.

Please also see Question: ‘Has this product had any professional testing or trialing?’

Provided the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product is used according to the instructions, the Sleepwrap cannot put the baby at risk. This has been established by its proven market record since 1992, product testing and fully accredited Independent Hospital clinical trials. Earlier trials also included many Child Health Professionals such as members of the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, Karitane Family Units, NZRN Nurses (Community and Hospital), NZ Parent Centre, NZ Playcentres, Pediatricians, General Practitioners, Counsellors, Behavioural, Developmental and Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Midwives, Ante and Post Natal Tutors, Occupational Therapists, Management of Maternity and Neonatal Services at National Women’s Hospital, National Women’s Hospital Parent Care Support Group for Premature and High Risk Infants Inc. and from the subsequent feedback from these trials.

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