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The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap baby swaddle is sometimes mistaken as a sleep positioner per say. However it is in essence simply a swaddling wrap as it wraps around the mattress and wraps snug around baby allowing all natural movement at each stage of development.

Concerns about baby’s development movement are good concerns. However, the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is NOT to be confused with the baby ‘body’ wedge' products that were banned by the USA  FDA approximately 12 years ago. 

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is simply a wrap, which allows all natural movement for newborn - 2years of age at each stage of babies development. 
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Some people misunderstand the product as it is difficult to see the level of movement a baby has by just looking at pictures. 

Once people see the Sleepwrap baby swaddle in action,  they have an AH HA moment and their concerns turn to praise... especially when they hear that Safe T Sleep products enjoy a 100% safety success record since its conception in 1976 and it's delivery onto the market in 1992.  

DECADES of safety success!

Not one Cot Death/SIDS, not one injury says it all! Isnt that just wonderful :)

Hundreds of thousands of happy, less anxious parents and safer, more restful sleeping babies, including Medical Professionals, PLUNKET Nurses and their families and our own NZ PRIME MINISTER Jacinda Ardern thinks so too. Jacinda  deliberately approached us recently to say: “Thank you so much for a wonderful product; I had three of your wraps for little Neve".

Many safety conscious parents, educators and carers use the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap.

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