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Safe T Sleep® | Sleepwrap® Baby Wrap

Mini size | Fits Bassinet, small bedside/side bed Co-sleeper bassinets and other smaller beds

Mini size | Fits Bassinet, small bedside/side bed Co-sleeper bassinets and other smaller beds

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The only Original Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap®. Hospital Clinically Proven* safe baby Sleepwrap


Choose this size for the bassinet, pram bassinet, small co-sleeper, carrycot or baby hammock. Ideal as a baby shower gift for a new mum.

You want the best baby products for your precious newborn baby and to make sure baby sleeps as safely as can be.

Suitable for babies from approximately newborn to approximately 6 months, the MINI Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap gives your baby natural movement yet helps prevent known sleeptime accidental suffocations. When used together with the little Safe T Sleep HEADwedge, this MINI size Sleepwrap helps prevent PWS/flat head and ensures a safer, more comfortable, restful sleep.

Choose your Sleepwrap size according to the babies bed size you are using - not the size of baby. 

MINI size Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap fits mattresses 37cm wide x 2.5cm deep. Bassinet, small bedside/side bed Co-sleeper bassinets, pram bassinet, Moses basket, carrycot and baby hammock. 

Age: Newborn – approximately 6months old.

Making this size perfect for smaller baby beds. Many parents find using a swaddling wrap or an approved sleeping bag together with the Sleepwrap is the best solution for their wriggly baby.

This size is ideal for a bassinet, small bedside/side bed co-sleeper bassinets, pram bassinets, Moses baskets, carrycots and baby hammocks, and suitable until your baby is approximately 6 months old. The Safe T Sleep MINI size Sleepwrap helps keep your young newborn baby snug and secure while sleeping, allowing all natural movement, especially of limbs and hips for healthy development.

The   Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® baby wrap is fantastic for giving babies with reflux, colds, colic, and respiratory problems the most comforting sleep. The unique design of the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap gives a snug feeling of being held, ensures safer swaddling and comfort without restricting natural movement, which is a huge help for these babies.

The safety of our baby products is clinically proven. The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is the world’s most flexible and practical swaddling wrap used by hospitals, health professionals, mothercraft and family units worldwide. Since its conception in 1976 and delivery onto the world market in 1992, hundreds of thousands of babies have slept safely with Safe T Sleep.

The MINI size Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap helps prevent:

  • Your young infant baby rolling or wriggling onto their tummy
  • Getting tangled in bedding or swaddling
  • Becoming jammed in a corner or hard up against a bed end
  • Creeping and crawling under bedding

Sleepwrap babywrap benefits:

  • Allows a cosy, ‘independent sleeping space’ for babies
  • Together with loving, trust-building parenting encourages positive, familiar sleep patterns and associations
  • Helps ‘keep face and head clear’, helping to prevent suffocation accidents
  • Importantly flat and soft underneath baby’s back for cosy comfort
  • Allows all natural, comfortable movement at each stage of development.
  • Free body, limb and hip movement. 
  • Practical and comforting for reflux, colic, ‘head bangers’, extra restless sleepers and creepers
  • Safer, more familiar transitions to bigger and different beds for home and away. 
  • Convenient, compact and lightweight for visiting, traveling, camping, caravanning, boating and small spaces. Ideal and practical at grandparents and daycare
  • Washable, hygienic, warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Easy to use : simply goes over any type of swaddling, sleeping bag or sleepwear for safe, snug and more restful sleep
  • Helps keep swaddling wraps in place to prevent entanglement and suffocation
  • Peace of Mind

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