Proudly New Zealand Designed, Owned & Operated The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is the best, practical, more versatile and economical safety swaddle for home and away |
  • Classic Sleepwrap® baby wrap & HEADwedge combo

  • CLASSIC - Sleepwrap® baby wrap | Fits standard bassinet, pram bassinet, carrycot, Moses basket, baby hammock, standard NZ/American and large EU cot/crib, portable cot/crib boat, caravan and standard single bed. 0-2years.

  • COT/CRIB - Sleepwrap® baby wrap | Fits mattresses 70cm wide and approximately 12cm deep: Cot bedside/side co-sleeper, standard NZ/American and large EU cot/crib. 0-2years.

  • MINI - Sleepwrap® baby wrap | Fits mattresses 37cm wide x 2.5cm deep. Bassinet, small bedside/side bed Co-sleeper bassinets, pram bassinet, Moses basket, carrycot and baby hammock. 0-6months old.

  • LARGE - Sleepwrap® baby wrap | Fits standard and large cot/crib, portable cot, standard single bed, boat, caravan, king-single, double, queen and standard king bed. 0-2years.

  • HEADwedge

  • Baby Wisdom Book

Safe sleeping for baby with a Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap®

Ministry of Health Advice for safer sleeping:The Ministry of Health recommends all babies are put to sleep in their own sleep space, on their backs and with no loose objects like toys or bumper pads in the bed. Babies are best protected by being a smoke-free environment and being breast fed.

The Sleepwrap baby wrap! Giving newborn to 2year olds natural movement and importantly helping prevent: baby/child sleeptime fatalities and cot injuries; preventing PWS/flat heads; giving a safer, more comfortable, restful sleep.

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is the best, practical, more versatile and economical swaddle for home and away.

Simply goes over any swaddling, baby sleeping bags and any kind of sleepwear baby wears to bed. The Sleepwraps fit mattresses worldwide from bassinet to king sized beds, including bedside bed co-sleeper bassinets. Great for travelling, visiting, boating, camping and more.

How the Sleepwrap baby wrap works:

The Sleepwrap wraps comfortably around baby’s torso; preventing awkward, dangerous baby sleeping positions, yet allowing all natural movement. Baby’s arms, legs, hips are free to move naturally yet safe from baby bed accidents.

How the little Safe T Sleep HEADwedge works:

Most suitable for young babies under 6months. Flat Head deterrent.

For a safer baby and a lovely shaped head. HEADwedge tucks well under the Sleepwrap on alternate head sides underneath the shoulder. 'The younger the baby, the softer the head'

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