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 Recent review March 2017

Hi Mieka,

Thanks for your call the other week, and also for asking Miriam to ring me. It was really good to discuss my options with her and to think it through a bit more carefully. 

I had been a bit reluctant to even try the sleepwrap as our baby sleeps so well that I was worried it might disrupt her normal sleep behaviour. But after talking to you both we decided to give the sleep wrap a go last week and found that actually she was not disturbed at all and continued with her great sleeping. The bonus for us was that she no longer wriggled sideways overnight (which sometimes led to early waking as her feet were touching the sides of the cot). 

She has slept well in it for the last week, and today I put her down in her portacot without it (as I was in a rush) and straight away she rolled over and then between cycles she rolled again and woke herself up. So I had to go in and resettle her, the first time I've had to do that in more than a week. She'll be back in the sleep wrap for her next nap. 

Thanks again,


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