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2 best and safest ways to swaddle a newborn baby

Swaddling a newborn baby to give comfort and security is a timeless and ‘learned Art’. Regardless of colour, creed or race, parents throughout history practice some form of swaddling or ‘holding secure’ a newborn baby. 

1 ) The traditional  soft, naturally breathable muslin fabric wrap together with the natural 100% cotton Safe T Sleep safety wrap over the top to help keep the muslin swaddle from coming undone. 

This safe baby sleep combo is still very popular and is a tried and true method. See step by step safe baby sleep swaddling tips here

2) In winter : any cosy, natural fibre sleepwear with built in warm mittens, with a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap safety swaddle over the top

In summer baby needs just a nappy and the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap safety wrap on its own or over whatever natural fibre sleepwear or wrap that baby wears to bed.

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap, the Baby Wisdom book and the links above will assist those parents who constantly find their baby keeps rolling and likes to sleep on their side; also for those interested in preventing plagiocephaly / flat head,

Happy parenting everyone!


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Peace of mind for Home and Away.

Hundreds of thousands of babies worldwide have slept comfortably and safely in the original, trusted, clinically proven*, Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap. The world’s most flexible, practical swaddling wrap! Allows natural, flexible movement at each stage of development, yet gives security for baby. Compact and lightweight, easy and convenient when travelling, visiting, camping, caravanning, at the bach or even on the boat!

Peace of mind for Home and Away. * 

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Safety warning – Imitations of safety products

Imitation is the highest form of flattery but could it be fatal?

When Miriam Rutherford-van Gisbergen, the Safer Sleep for Babies Campaigner, designed the Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® product over 29 years ago, she knew she needed to ensure it would provide the safest sleep possible for a baby.

The Sleepwrap is a safe, comfortable swaddling wrap allowing all natural movement at each stage of development yet helps prevent the baby from moving around into potentially dangerous positions, and provides both them, parents and caregivers, with a secure nights sleep. As a Positive Parenting Educator and Tutor with a Nursing background, her product had to be well respected amongst her peers.

Miriam's design has been tested and trialled by professionals and in hospitals and found to be safe. It is in fact the only* Clinically Proven babywrap in the world. The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap has experienced over 29years of proven safety in the global market. *

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Jacinda Ardern used a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap

WOW!! Thanks Jacinda!
Miriam and I (mieke) were at a little cafe out of Auckland and Jacinda Ardern with a takeaway coffee in hand noticed our Safe T Sleep car and deliberately walked over to us!! 
She came up and said “You are the lady who invented those wrap around things for babies aren’t you? 😂 They are just wonderful, I had three of them for little Neve and absolutely loved using them. Thank you so much Miriam”
💕 Wow how cool is that?! 
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