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WINTER Special

BUY a Sleepwrap and get Miriam's Baby Wisdom book for FREE. Offer ends 30th June 2017

The only Original, Hospital Clinically PROVEN Safe T Sleep® Sleepwraps®

Each Sleepwrap is desgined to fit the BED sizing you are using.

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product goes hand in hand with responsible, nurturing parenting and supervision skills. Loving, relaxed, skilled human supervision is the best supervision.

Safe T Sleep supports nurturing, positive parenting and professionally tested trialed baby/child safety products 

Key Benefits of the Original Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® as follows:

1. Peace of mind and a better sleep

2. Comfortable, allows natural movements

3. Warm in winter, cool in summer

4. Helps keep face and head clear to comply with International safer sleeping guidelines

5. Helps prevent cot/crib and bed falls

6. Ideal for Reflux, GERD, colds, colic positioning

7. Helps prevent misshapen (flat) heads

8. A safer transition from bassinet or hammock to cot/crib and cot/crib to ‘big bed’

9. Great for travelling, visiting, holidaying and boating

10. Newborn to two years plus 

Since its invention in 1992 hundreds of thousands of babies have slept safely with a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap & little MULTIwedge

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