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Are cot deaths really a thing of the past?

Cot Deaths are still a concern:

Too many babies are still dying through accidental, mostly (over 92%) preventable, suffocation. Traditionally called 'Cot Death, then SIDS and now SUDI, which means Sudden 'Unexpected' Death of an Infant. Please see:

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I wish I'd known I could easily ensure my baby has a nicely shaped head

A section from Miriam's Baby Wisom Book: 

‘Back sleeping’ is currently recommended by Ministries of Health as ‘herd principle’ on a mandate to reach the highest known risk group. It is not illegal or unintelligent to place babies slightly on their side or as otherwise recommended by Health Professionals especially when using a Sleepwrap to help ensure safe, varied sleep positions.

With the current recommendations to position baby on the back to sleep, the chances of baby sleeping constantly with the head in a ‘preferred spot’ and not turning side to the side is increased. This unvaried sleep position can lead to flat, misshapen heads.

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Travelling with kids over the holidays?

So you have decided you and the family need a holiday.  But can you really have a relaxing holiday with baby on board? 

Yes, you can with a few precautions and a little extra planning. Babies are creatures of habit so expecting them to cope with new routines, time zones, new faces, places etc is asking a little bit much. 

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