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The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap, swaddling wraps and sleeping bag combo Solutions:

For Premature, younger and very wriggly babies many Mothers find using a natural, breathable fabric swaddling wrap or a good quality sleeping bag in combination with the Sleepwrap is the best solution for their wriggly baby. 

Sleepwrap models come with a clever little leg piece for extra security and support which slots easily through sleeping bags. Enquire about the little Mini model from Safe T Sleep.

For downward creeping babies

Simply position the Sleepwrap in the bed and use the clever little leg piece to prevent downward creeping.

For forward creeping babies – Simply thread the little leg piece through the back slit of your sleeping bag and up through the front.

Paediatricians often advise to raise the cot/crib mattress by 45 degrees for young babies suffering from REFLUX, GERD, respiratory and/or colic problems. Many parents have advised they have also found this, plus using a Sleeping bag/Sleepwrap combination is very helpful. Simply elevate the top end of baby’s cot/crib by using large books or blocks underneath the cot feet.

A mother’s review: “I highly recommend using a Safe T Sleep combined with a baby sleeping bag – it’s the perfect combination for babies once they are no longer swaddled. It means your baby is warm and won’t wake up cold, or under the covers, plus it’s great to have the peace of mind that your baby is in a safe sleeping position all night. We always recommend the Safe T Sleep & sleeping bag combination for parents looking to teach their babies to sleep settle, and learn to sleep through the night”.

Louise Tanguay


Dana Mitchell
“Love the Safe T Sleep! From an early age my daughter, in her gogo bag, would wriggle to the top of her bassinet, get her face stuck in the padded sides, and wake screaming. We rushed out and bought a safe t sleep and all slept better as we no longer had to worry about her. She used this until she could sit up in her cot. It was also useful when we went away as we used the extension to secure her to a single bed when we needed to.”
June 10 at 10:03am •

The Sleeping bag/ Safe T Sleep combo Solution:

When using a sleeping bag with the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap the leg piece can be simply tucked away or for the Houdini/wriggler thread through the slots back and front on sleeping bag.

In our experience many parents are using the combination of a sleeping bag with the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap in order to keep babies from newborn to approx two years old even safer and cosier.

Many parents feel it is preferable to use a Sleepwrap together with a sleeping bag because:

  1. They often find baby has more restful sleep. Many babies do like the feeling of being ‘tucked in’ and secure.
  2. It gives them peace of mind due to many babies being able to only creep forwards and downwards in approximately the first 9-12months with the imminent possibility of the danger of positional asphyxia suffocation. Ref: NZ.MED J 2002; 115: 193-4.
  3. When just in a sleeping bag alone some babies are also still able to creep, roll, stand and topple. Mothers, medical staff and professionals have reported these incidents to us. The writer has nursed these injuries; some serious.
  4. Also some babies can still turn over on to their tummies which may put them at higher risk.

NB: Remember that an older baby out of the high SIDS (cot death) risk period can be gently taught how to turn within the Sleepwrap which is ideal for the development and comfort of older babies. The leg piece can be tucked away underneath the main Sleepwrap part.  This allows a baby, who can roll from tummy to back and back again, to sleep in their desired sleep positions. 

It is this simplicity and minimal restriction which adds to the comfort and yet security of the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap. Also see Q#4.

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