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Oct 2017 - Jessica Young 

I've just started using a safety sleep with my 4 month old because she has just been weaned from swaddle and has started to roll but gets upset if on her tummy for too long and won't roll back.
We've gone from dramatic crying in the night to 11.5 hours sleep straight.  I think it is also something that may help people wean their babies from the swaddle as it still has that nice secure feeling 😊

July 2017 - Michelle Griffin

I don't ever review things but felt I needed to for this. 
My little girl started rolling at 3 months. I tried letting her sleep without her swaddle and she woke every half an hour. I purchased the safe t wrap so she couldn't roll at night and she was hitting her head so many times. I had no idea how much it would improve her sleep too. 
From the first night in her safe t wrap she has been sleeping 6-8 hours straight. Better then being swaddled. Wish I found this earlier.

July 2017 - Tessa O'Neill

I absolutely love our's, both our children went from a bassinet into a king single bed at 3/4months, we never feared them rolling out. I recommend purchasing to everyone!

July 2017 - Kim Fergusson Jamie Fergusson

As a first time mum with a roly poly tummy sleeper my Safe T Sleep was the answer I needed to relieve my anxiety and constant worry. Short sheeting didn't make any difference. My wriggler still ended up head down under the blankets and refused a sleep sack. My wrap gave me piece of mind and a good nights sleep not constantly having to check on bubs. Highly recommend �

July 2017 - Alana N Matthew Wilson

We have used safe t sleeps for both our girls and i would highly recommend to anybody. They are both amazing sleepers which we have put down to a combination of things but mostly the safe t sleep. It was so reassuring to know that where we put them in thier cot was where they would be in the morning or anytime we checked on them. Safe, secure and warm means a happy baby therefore a happy mum.

She slept better and so did we

By David F on July 4, 2017

I was familiar with this product but had never used it. My wife works in healthcare and is aware of the risks to babies during sleep time. Along came our first baby and within weeks she was able to roll over in her crib. I said lets try a Safe T Sleep, and 16 months later I can say it has been both a life saver and a sleep maker. Using the Safe T Sleep, our baby was snug and safe on her back for the first few months, and then able to turn onto her side and still sleep safely. She slept better and so did we. Then after she turned 1 we discovered she was ready to sleep on her tummy, but also able to stand and potentially climb out of her cot. Plus she would roll into the sides of the cot and wake herself up. We got advice, fitted the Safe T Sleep around our baby more loosely to give her the freedom and room to turn over within the band, and it has worked brilliantly. She has a full range of movement while asleep but won't get herself into trouble once awake - we can leave her asleep knowing she is safe, secure and comfortable. Thanks Safe T Sleep!

This is a big thank you for such a great product.  Having Safetsleep gave me piece of mind that I was giving my son the safest possible sleep.  So then I could sleep happily too.  Also we regularly used the Safetsleep on our boat as well, which kept him in his bunk securely and comfortably. It is so well made and easy to use.  Thanks again! Ingrid

 By Sarah fagan

Hi there just wanted to say how great the wrap was for us. My sister used it for her children and suggested we used it for our son who is tube fed and was refluxing badly. It was fab and kept him safe. He was unable to get tangled in the tubing. Someone just asked on an American tube feeding fb page (we live in England) for a safe sleeping idea so I have posted the link to your website. Thanks xx

 Hi Mieka,

We have tried out the Safe T Sleep system and it is fantastic!!!!

It keeps Sienna in the right position throughout the night and she seems very happy in it. The snug fit makes her feel as though we are still cuddling her keeping her calm and content. 

Most of all I love the fact that it packs away so small and so easily you could fit it in a suitcase and take it on holiday with you. 

We are so so grateful for your help and such an amazing product, your product really does give peace of mind. 

Thank you so very much

Kind regards


Hi Miriam,

I really appreciate you providing me with so much information. I feel very lucky to be getting advice from the expert! As a result I've gone ahead and ordered another Safe T Sleep so I don't have to worry about finding Gus face planted again!

I hope all is well at your end. I imagine you're probably having some long nights... but I'm sure the cuddles make it worthwhile :)

Thanks again,


Oh my god.... Thank god I found you!!!!!

My daughter is 5 months and has just learnt to roll from back to tummy, she thinks it's a fantastic little trick and loves to do it in her cot.... I tried not swaddling but she just could not relax to sleep plus I walked in on her with her legs between the rails whilst still swaddled on her side....

Agh!!!! We had been using the cocoonababy mattress for the first 4 months and she always slept soundly as she felt so secure. I searched for an alternative solution that could last a while and found your product the Safe T Sleep!

 I've just popped her down for her first nap in the Sleepwrap and I feel SO relaxed knowing she is secure and cosy on her big girl mattress.

You have saved me many sleepless nights now, what a fantastic

product!!! I'm going to tell all of my pregnant friends to buy one.

 Regards, Ali


Just wanted to say thanks, I called yesterday regarding my daughters flat spot. It was nice to have someone actually listen and offer advise on how to side wrap in the safetsleep to minimise the pressure on the back of my daughters head.

Ive asked Plunket about her flat spot every time I see them and they say it 'will go back to shape by itself' and 'not to worry as its not as bad as some they have seen' and 'her hair will cover it'

Over the last few months (she's almost 7months now) I think it's been getting worse, she always turns her head back to centre in the cot and even if I go in every ten minutes to turn to the side she always reverts to centre. It's really noticible when I see her with other babies and she turns to the side and looks a bit like a pineapple lump! 

After your recommendation of the MULTIwedge I purchased this right away with a new safety sleep too and they are going pretty well, thanks, have tried a few different ways with the wedge, at the moment it's easy with towel rolled up and wedge positioned behind head.

She will stay like this for most sleeps so it's great peice of mind to know she is not putting pressure on her flat spot. Have attached a few pics to show you.

I took a few photos of her head shape before I started sleeping her on the side so hopefully in a few months I can take some more and see if her head shapes changed (or atleast not got any worse!)


Thanks for your great customer service and for a great product!

Jo Lanham.

Tash Lowe 26th August 2015

Found the sleep wrap very helpful! I originally purchased as my now 6 month old figured out that he could roll around and play in bed as opposed to going to sleep which became very frustrating as I had just got him to the point where he could put himself to sleep when he was 4 months old.

Now he has no chance of rolling around so is much more likely to go to sleep!

He also sleeps much better at night with it. We have had a few night where he has slept through (11 + hour stretches). Wish I had brought one sooner!

Ashlea Gillies

Hi Mieka! I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing product. It took a good few weeks before my son was used to the wrap, but now he loves it. I think it adds another level of security for him and he's so happy when I pull it over his tummy, he just smiles up at me! He is sleeping SO much better now that he can't crawl around in the crib and get stuck/wedged in the corners. And I sleep better knowing that he isn't getting his little arms or feet caught! He did fight against the wrap at first but I persevered with it and would leave it on loosely at first, or on alternative nights and he eventually got the idea. My friend Peta purchased one for her daughter after I was telling her about it and she loves hers too. So again, THANK YOU!!! It really is an amazing product and it's given my baby and me more sleep and peace of mind, which is very valuable for a first time mum.

Grace ly

17th December 2014

I purchased this product because my 11 month old baby refused to lay down for her sleep. She would always roll over and climb up the side of the cot.
I am so glad that I had decided to get the safe T sleep wrap, it keeps my baby still and calm until she falls asleep by herself.
She also use to wake her self up several times during the night when she rolls over on her tummy, but now with the wrap she sleeps through the night.


Ellie Louise Newton 9th September 2013 

Just thought I would share, I have a wee man who didn't sleep very well at all, after using this, he has a much longer sleep & wakes up happy in the morning (most mornings anyway). After months of broken sleep, is a godsend that this has really helped us both. Would recommend it to anyone with a little one....Is like we have a new baby!
Am also very pleased that you guys have had your material tested & it is the REAL THING Good to know it is safe & very happy that there is lots of research & testing behind your product.



Christina Wood 1st August 2013

Thank you so much for this safe t sleep! My 5 month old started rolling over in his sleep and plant his face into the mattress. My husband and I had to take turns staying awake in shifts to make sure he wouldn't do that and roll him back over. Now I finally get a great nights sleep and so does my baby thank you!



Lorene Hunt 20th June 2013

Hi Mieka
Just a quick email to say thank you for the Safe T Sleep!! We have just moved Alex into his cot, so use it every day. As he is still swaddled, it let's me sleep much easier knowing he is less likely to roll over on his face and not wriggle down under his blankets! We will definately be recommending this to our friends.
Thanks again!!!



Aileen Lane 10th April 2013

Just got Baby Sleep T 3 days ago. Love it. My 10 month old has slept through the night for the 1st time the last 2 nights. I highly recommend this product as it makes baby feel more secure and I get a nights sleep:)



Caroline Child 26th March 2013

Hi Mieka,
I wanted to email you from your Facebook page about babies with Reflux. My baby had reflux and we used the Safe T Sleep. We used it from about 8 weeks until about 10 months and it was awesome. We found it great particularly as we had a hanging bassinet inside the cot and were able to have the head end higher than the feet end which made his reflux much better and by using the Safe T Sleep it meant he didn’t slide to the bottom of the bassinet. It also put the right amount of pressure on his tummy which I believe eased the pain that he had. He was also able to self settle by rolling onto his side but without fully rolling over and getting stuck. We ended up buying a travel one so that we always had one and could use it on a bed if we were at a friends/family house and our son needed a sleep. I definitely believe it helped his reflux considerably but also meant that he was an awesome sleeper too.
Please let me know if you would like to know anything else.




Charity Hill 30th May 2012

A safe way to co-sleep, and makes travelling easy peasy with not having to pack a travel crib and that makes every parents life easier.



Grace Legaspi 30th May 2012

Nothing more safer than Safe T Sleep Wrap and nothing more peaceful than knowing your baby is safe and having a good night sleep. Baby + Safe T Sleep = peace of mind and happy family. you know Safe T Sleep Wrap is the best thing we've bought and no doubt about it, my baby feel comfortable using it and specially me, nothing can pay the peace of mind I have every night and every nap time...



Vanessa Williams 30th May 2012

magic magic invention, baby is secure, safe and feels snug like in the womb. that's best way for newborn to sleep :-)



Emma Murphy 24th May 2012

We have used a safe-t sleep and sleeping bag for my daughter since she was put in her cot at around 4 months old, she still uses both and she just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn't be without her safe-t sleep or the woolbabe sleeping bag she uses, it's given me piece of mind every single time I put her down for a sleep.



Maria Santana Ghanem September 2011

I love this! For the first time last night I felt at ease while sleeping. Didn't know how worried I was about baby rolling over and suffocating. Knowing that she is in a safe sleeping position put my mind at ease...thank you for this amazing product :)



Kelly Gibson 22nd June 2011

Hi Mieke, I have a Safe T Sleep Wrap and it is amazing. It allows me to feel safe that my son will not hurt himself or roll on his tummy. It makes for a better sleep for not only baby but for us parents as well. Best purchase for peace of mind and the safety of your baby.

Kelly McFarlane


Sandy Lind 10th March 2011

my daughter is 20 months now and we have used our safe t sleep since she learnt to was a godsend as whenever she would roll over se couldnt roll back and haed being on her stomach, thanks to the safe t sleep that problem stoped adn we now use it on her big girls bed as well and she stays in there no invention ever thank you!!!

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