Accidents According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, every year, approximately 26 children die from injuries sustained in cot/cribs and more than 11,500 children require Hospital treatment for cot/crib related injuries.

Dear Miriam, Just a short note to say many thanks for your wonderful Safe T Sleep. My son, Jason, can no longer climb or fall out of his cot as he was previously and has been settling a lot faster & happier than before. He loved his Safe T Sleep from the start and I can now put him to bed knowing that he is safe. I have recently transferred him to a single bed, which he loves, even though he is only 15 mths old as I know that he can’t fall out of bed & hurt himself. Jason used to roll & sleep on his tummy often as a baby and I wish that I had known about your excellent product then, as it would have saved me a lot of worry. I wish you all the very best for the future of Safe T Sleep as I believe it to be a necessity for the safety of babies & young children. Many thanks once again for the return of worry free nights and much needed extra sleep!

Regards Jayne Whitford 


Dear Mariam

Finally I got myself organised to write you this letter. As you know I was not very “pro” S.T.S. just because I thought, children would not have enough freedom, however when you explained about the benefits and what kind of accidents have happened with children falling out of cots and beds, that could have been prevented, I thought mmm, maybe I should give it a try. Because Yaap is already two and doesn’t like restrictions (restraints), I did not know if it would work. But I gave it a try and approached it very positively. So what I did: I put the STS on his mattress for a week, before I did something with it, so that he got used by the sight of it. Then one afternoon before he got to bed, I showed him that his “bed” was going to sleep in the STS. After an hour when it was Yaap’s “turn” to go to sleep I did the same thing to Yaap. And I fastened the STS very loosely. He wanted it undone and I just quickly said It’s ok and straight away distracted him with the musical mobile. He fell asleep and when he woke up I found him still fastened in the STS without complaints. This went on for several days and then we started using it at night. Now he is asking for it!!!

I am really pleased about the whole idea and how we got him to get used to it. I don’t have to worry about Yaap falling out of a single bed when he is ready to be transferred. The other benefit is travelling, sometimes in Motels the cots are already taken and he will be big for one now anyway (our cot is quite big). Going to friends etc just carry the STS, so easy. Wonderful Mariam, well done. Good luck and hopefully you get more success stories. Keep up the great work

Love Jose


Dear Miriam I am writing to thank you very much for introducing me to your wonderfully safe sleep wrap Safe T Sleep. Also thank you for letting me trial it with my 8 mth old (now 10 mths old) son Joshua. I was instantly sold on Safe T Sleep as personal experience has made me very aware of bed safety. At the age of 2 I fell from a bed and broke my shoulder. As it was a clean break in a vulnerable place, at the age of 10 I broke it again in an outside fall. I am now in my 20’s and still suffer at times with pain if I am lifting my arm for a length of times ie blow drying my hair. So for me Safe T Sleep is the answer to Safe Sleeping and I no longer dread the thought of my child suffering at length from a bedroom fall. We now own 2 Safe T Sleeps. 1 for Joshua’s cot and 1 is our ‘Portacot’ which is used once a week when we go to visit Nana. The ‘Portacot’ was also used recently when I attended a Convention with Joshua. The only bed available was king sized. So I safely pinned the Safe T Sleep across the mattress. Because of the Safe T Sleep I knew Joshua couldn’t fall out of the bed and I knew I wouldn’t roll him because he was safe on his side of the bed. So thank you Miriam for allowing me to be an ‘at ease’ Mum at bedtimes

Angela Trewin

PS What a shame Safe T Sleep wasn’t available when my 4yr old son Garry was younger.