What are the dangers of using a second-hand or homemade/copycat Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap baby swaddle?

It is generally considered unwise to use ANY type of second hand baby safety product, unless you definitely know and trust the origin and age of the product.

To help give an understanding of how seriously Safe T Sleep consider absolute ‘safety’ for our baby products we will explain some of the aspects showing the commitment in ensuring and monitoring the continual quality, safety and value of the Safe T Sleep products.

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap baby swaddle is the only ORIGINAL ‘Independently’ Hospital Clinically PROVEN, most versatile, historically trusted and safest baby swaddle wrap in the world!

Since its conception in 1976 and delivery onto the world market in 1992 hundreds of thousands of babies worldwide have slept safely in the original, clinically proven Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and little HEADwedge without a single reported death or injury amongst users! https://www.safetsleep.com/collections/all-safe-t-sleep-products

  • The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap baby swaddle is constructed of a double layer of top quality, specifically woven, 100% natural cotton, which is regularly, scientifically batch tested, at great cost, to ensure it is ‘chemical free’.
  • The fabric is tested for a specific rating, measuring the strength, longevity and breathability of the weave. TOG rating being 0.27. This is especially important for young babies in the high Cot Death/SIDS risk period.
  • Top quality fastening strips are used for safety grip.
  • Industrial strength thread is used for safety and longevity, all corners are mitred and seams are back stitched.
  • Two points of strict and regular manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures are constantly maintained for quality and safety assurance.
  • Value for money - Safe usage period is 2 children aged from 0-2years under ‘usual’ conditions. Just a few cents a day…not worth taking a risk.



Safety concerns with copycat versions include:

  • Incorrect, untested fabric and fabric weave, the use of any kind of buttons, zips, domes, tapes, straps, ribbons, poor quality fastening strips, narrow, untested dimensions or design may all place babies at risk.
  • The specific strength and quality of the fabric weave, manufacturing processes, extensive trials and dimension testing all ensure that babies limbs cannot become entangled and that the product cannot bunch into a narrow cord, which according to Paediatricians, could cause localised pressure around the baby’s torso or chest, which could cause serious breathing restriction.

A homemade or copycat version will therefore not give the security and peace of mind that an original, tested and proven Safe T Sleep products give. Babies are too precious to play with safety issues.



All too often people have a grand idea and undertake no testing or correct teaching to ensure wise and correct usage of products. There are few regulations and often if a product is in a pretty colour and package and has a good margin it can end up for sale entirely untested. This process is irresponsible, potentially dangerous and reactive and sadly accidents often need to happen before something is done. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0223/2655/files/NZ_Medical_Journal_Tristan_version.pdf?1306

Safe T Sleep has, since its inception and are continually passionate about ‘safety’. Quality assurance processes and community education cost much more than people realise. Safe T Sleep believes it is imperative to ensure that top standards are kept constant to protect sleeping babies and give peace of mind to parents and caregivers. https://www.safetsleep.com/pages/testing-trialing-safety-compliance and FAQ#2.

We trust you understand why we need to protect babies, our good name, trusted brand, very hard work, integrity of our educational material and our extensive safety record. https://www.safetsleep.com/collections/all-safe-t-sleep-products

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