Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap babywrap reviews

Safe T sleep has been a game changer for me starting 13 years ago with my first child. So easy and comfortable to use. In 2020 I used the safe T sleep again with my daughter, firstly when she started rolling, but still needed the comfort of her swaddle she felt so protected and used it until 14 months old. I will forever be grateful for this sleep aid. Highly recommended!
I had the absolute privilege of speaking to the lovely Miriam inventor of the safe T sleep. She is one incredible caring human being and positive role model. She really helped shape my mindset in lots of positive ways. I felt so empowered after she called me, it was the call I needed that day after lots of struggles including a baby who woke relentlessly throughout the night.
Thank you so much for your support and time your spent listening to me. 
Tammy Hawkins
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