PEACE OF MIND for Parents, Grandparents and Carers

PEACE OF MIND for Parents, Grandparents and Carers

PORTABILITY the safest, most lightweight, practical, economical babywrap on the market. Great when boating, baching, camping, caravanning, visiting and travelling.

EASY TO USE AND ENDORSED by Parents, Caregivers, Midwives, Safety Organisations, Mother craft units, Early Childcare Centres, Child & Family centres, Hospitals, Medical Professionals and tens of thousands of users. Extensive trialling; scientifically tested fabric and thread; Specific Safety measurements.  Hospital Clinically Proven. Hospital laundry Tested.  

ASSOCIATION with sleep when used with loving, nurturing parenting skills, helps to establish more positive sleep habits. An older baby between 6-9months, who can turn from back to front and back again may be taught to turn within the wrap and sleep in desired sleep positions.

COMFORT, WARMTH, SAFETY and more restful sleep for baby and the whole family.

EASE of transition from swaddling to sleeping bag to any sleepwear and moving from bassinet to cot/crib and from cot/crib to ‘the big bed’.

ONE HUNDRED (100%) SUCCESS RATE WITH NIL COT DEATHS/SIDS OR INJURIES! Since its conception in 1976 and delivery onto the world market in 1992, hundreds of thousands of babies have slept safely with the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap & HEADwedge.

FOR PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS and CARERS peace of mind for baby’s safer sleep, just wrap around a mattress at home and away. Also saving space and money.

MAINTAINS comfortable back (or safe, varied sleep positions) for babies in the high Cot Death/SIDS risk period ‘keeping face and head clear’ as recommended by National and International safe sleeping guidelines.

INJURY PREVENTION when baby is at the creeping, rolling, standing and climbing stages.

NEW ZEALAND INVENTION/DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED by a mother Miriam Rutherford/van Gisbergen with a nursing and positive parenting background. Versatile product for newborn to approx. 2 years plus.

DEPENDING on the stage of development, babies can move freely and naturally, only restricting movements which may put them in potential danger.

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