Let Safe T Sleep help sail away those winter blues and worries

Let Safe T Sleep help sail away those winter blues and worries

For home and away :)

Help your baby have a more restful, comfortable, longer sleep by keeping baby cosy and safe this winter.

It was so exciting to watch the America’s Cup race and know that their families use the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap to keep their babies safer and cosier when on their family boats:) A big Welcome home and Congratulations to Emirates Team New Zealand!

Peace of mind for parents, caregivers and grandparents for baby’s safer sleep, just wrap around a bed saving space and anxiety.

Easy travelling whilst holidaying and visiting.

Affordable – lasting two children from newborn to 2years old plus = 4years safe usage!

Cozy and comfortable.

Easy to use and completely machine washable.


One hundred percent safety success rate.

For ant bed sizing from bassinet right upto a king bed!


Maintains safe and comfortable, more restful sleeping positions for babies in the high SIDS risk period and beyond.

Injury prevention for babies 0-2years to prevent potentially dangerous creeping, rolling, climbing, and falling. 

NZ Designed – Top Quality, 100% cotton with a special weave.

Depending on age and stage of development, babies can move freely and naturally except those movementswhich may put them in potential danger.

Buy now: www.safetsleep.com or Baby City, The Baby Factory, The Sleep Store, Mighty Ape and select quality baby stores!


Dear Miriam,

I am writing to thank you for having such tremendous insight and fortitude to produce and promote a wonderful product such as Safe T Sleep.

In July my husband and I brought a bridgedecker launch and as we are both keen sailors and very safety conscious we were concerned as to the safest way to secure our daughter Anna whilst she was sleeping.  After investigating several unsatisfactory options I saw an article in “Little Treasures” about Safe T Sleep and decided it was a more desirable option as it seemed to provide for the safety aspect as well as providing a less “caged-in” effect for Anna.

When I got the Safe T Sleep Anna was about 10 months old and already sleeping 122 hours a night but seemed to be everywhere in her cot and probably because of this woke intermittently to be settled easily with her dummy and covered again.  I gradually introduced Anna to the wrap as suggested by you over a 10 day period and she adjusted to it very well.  I now have Anna in her wrap every night.  The Safe T Sleep performed very well on the boat and was attached to Anna’s bunk which is head high on me and I am 5’7”.  The real test came on a trip back from Waiheke in very rolling seas which were uncomfortable for me to stand up and Anna slept safely cuddled in her Safe T Sleep for two hours.

Anna does not find her wrap restrictive and plays with books and toys in the morning until I unwrap her.  Just to show how important the wrap has become, one night I left it off the bed and found Anna was back to her restless ways and I was up half the night.

For my peace of mind I thank you, for my child’s sleeping safety on our boat I praise your efforts.  Please keep up the wonderful work you are doing, I will be singing the praises of Safe T Sleep on the high seas this summer.

Kindest regards

Diane M Ladd RGON

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