Proudly New Zealand Designed, Owned & Operated The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is the best, practical, more versatile and economical safety swaddle for home and away |

Key Benefits of the Original Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® baby swaddle

Key Benefits of the Original Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® baby swaddle as follows:

  • Helps newborn infants to sleep safely on the back and allows older babies out of the high Cot Death/SIDS risk period to side sleep and/or in their desired sleep positions
  • Natural, comfortable movement especially of limbs and hips for healthy development
  • Restful, safe sleep for baby and peace of mind for you
  • Natural 100% cotton, warm in winter, cool in summer. Only 0.27 TOG rating – highly breathable natural fabric
  • Washable and easy to use. Simply goes over all types of baby swaddling wraps, sleepwear, baby sleep suits and baby sleeping bags
  • Helps keep face and head clear to comply with International safer sleeping guidelines to prevent suffocation (Cot Death/SIDS)
  • Helps prevent cot/crib and bed falls
  • Ideal for positioning babies with Reflux, Acid Reflux, Gerd, colds, colic, respiratory problems etc
  • Helps prevent Flat Heads/Plagiocephaly
  • Easy and safer transition from bassinet, bed side co-sleeper bassinet or baby hammock to cot/crib and the transition from cot/crib to the ‘big bed’
  • Great for travelling, visiting, camping and boating with babies newborn to 2years old
  • Economical as the ‘safe usage’ period is 2 children, from newborn to 2years old
  • Versatile, convenient, comfortable and safe for sleeping babies

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