Is my baby snug and warm in a Sleepwrap? Not too hot?

Is my baby snug and warm in a Sleepwrap? Not too hot?


A Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap itself will not cause overheating.  The Original Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap fabric has been scientifically tested at the University of Otago New Zealand against five other cotton fabrics. 

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap baby wrap is made from the top quality, chemical free, 100% breathable cotton that has a specific weave, which is specifically woven for Safe T Sleep. The testing shows a ‘Tog’ rating of 0.27, which is highly breathable - especially important for young babies in the high Cot Death/SIDS/SUDI risk period, considered to be upto 6months old and for babies living in hot climates.

Since 1992 thousands of young babies in Brisbane Australia, where temperatures regularly reach well around 40 degrees Celsius in summer, use Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap products.


The most important message is to ensure that your baby is not over dressed or the room too hot and that your baby’s head and face cannot become covered when sleeping.

To check if baby’s are overheating, pediatricians tell us to feel the baby’s back, tummy and back of the neck, underneath the clothes. If your baby feels clammy or sweaty you will need to remove a layer of clothing or turn down the heating and to look at the baby’s colour. If red and sweaty, they are likely to be too hot.

Trust your instincts; and be aware of your own body temperature.

Consider the temperature of the room and also check that baby’s sleepwear is made from natural fabrics so that they are highly breathable. Ideally use bed linen that are made from natural fibres, such as 100% chemical-free, soft brushed cotton and blankets from soft wool.

Many babies like comfortable, secure boundaries and the feeling of being held and ‘tucked in’, they then sleep more restfully.
The Sleepwrap is used with all types of traditional, soft muslin & other modern babywraps like the Love To Dream, baby sleeping bags, pyjamas/sleepwear or any type of natural fibre babywrap and baby is tucked in with large, natural fibre sheets and breathable blankets that are large enough to tuck right underneath the mattress with a little ‘tug’ to allow feet to move. The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap makes all these options a safer practice.
With a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap, almost all natural movement is possible for your baby during sleep; the Sleepwrap holds a newborn baby to approximately 6months of age gently and safely in a more secure position in any bed. It is important to tuck a large sheet and/or blanket, preferably a soft breathable blanket, over baby and well underneath the sides and foot of the mattress to hold sheets and blankets in place.
As the baby is held in the centre of the cot, they are less likely to push themselves up into corners or down into the bottom of the cot, pulling their blankets out and then waking up cold.
Thousands of years of well documented evidence and observational experience show that babies often love to be ‘tucked in’, even when in a sleeping bag.
Remember it is unsafe to use duvets or fleece covers with babies under 2years old, because these are usually made from non-breathable, synthetic lightweight materials and are light and too easily kicked or pulled over babies face.
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