It’s hip to be wise. Happy Hips with the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap

The most flexible, safest baby wrap for happy hips.

The Original and only Independently Clinically Proven Babywrap.

Most of you will all have read the concerns in the Herald Article last week:

As you know the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap allows baby all the movement needed to develop naturally whilst only restricting movements that can cause discomfort or harm.

Hundreds of years of well-documented evidence show that most babies love to be swaddled, they love the feeling of 'nesting' and boundaries just as when in the womb.

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap ensures baby sleeps in a secure comfortable position without being able to creep into dangerous positions, whilst allowing them natural flexible movements above all ensuring free limb and hip movement.

At various stages of development the Sleepwraps help by reducing the risks of rolling, standing, creeping, entanglement, suffocation, hip problems and climbing and falling from cot/cribs and beds.

This year we celebrate 25years of happy hips and 100% safety success :)



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