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FB Discussion by: The Sleep Store 2010

Safe T Sleep sleepwraps - we love them! Keeps babies in a safe sleeping position & gives parents peace of mind (which helps YOU get more sleep). Have you used a Safe T Sleep & what did you think?? How old did your child use it until?
June 9 2010 at 8:01pm •

Kylie van Bussel
i use it as well as a sleeping bag - very handy!
June 9 at 8:04pm •
Catherine Pottinger
I put off getting one and ended up kicking myself when I finally did. They are fantastic! My son now knows when the wrap's around his middle its sleep time and settles so quickly, which is a super bonus as we ended up buying it to stop him headbutting the side of the cot!
June 9 at 8:04pm •
Keri Barker
Love it! we have used it since day 1! only 6mths so still in use :)
June 9 at 8:04pm •
Francesca Wilkin
my 17 month old has hers still in a single bed and my son, 6 months, has his to stop him rolling over and crying all night, i probably should take my daughter out of hers but its just so easy to keep her in bed :P
June 9 at 8:05pm •
Kerry Mewett
My twin girls have always been good sleepers, and when one (I) started standing she was waking and standing at all hours of the night and morning. So I bought one and she returned to her normal routine. The other girl (E) started using it cos she was turning herself around in her bed and getting stuck in the bars. 'I' then stopped using hers, ... See More
June 9 at 8:11pm •
Kerry Mewett
My girls are 18 months old by the way!
June 9 at 8:11pm •
Widia Soedjanto
They are GREAT! We used them for both my kids. My youngest is now 19 months - he used his until he was about 13 or 14 months. When he started flipping onto his tummy with it still on we decided that it was time to give up on it! We used it with a sleeping bag as well. My son still moves around in his cot but is a good sleeper and just loves being on his tummy!
June 9 at 8:22pm •

Kelly Mucalo
We started using ours once the little man moved from his bassinette to the cot - we kept finding him sideways, lol.
June 9 at 8:22pm •
Kelly Mucalo
oops, and hes only 5 months now - so still using it....and imagine we will be for a while :)
June 9 at 8:23pm •
Hayley Hancy
i stated my 1 yr old on it cause he would just about throttle himself at night....it was the best thing ever so got 2 as he was a bed wetter like no other...best invention ever he didnt stop using it till he was two...he did learn how to get out himself in the morning ............was great on beds especially at the parents....i now have one in the car just in case we do sleep over somewhere that doesnt have a cot for my little girl
June 9 at 8:25pm •
Tansy Oliver
They are fantastic - I used mine with a sleeping bag and it kept him happily in place... until he learnt how to undo the velcro at about 9 months!! Would have kept using it otherwise. They are a great investment!
June 9 at 8:32pm •
The Sleep Store
With escape artists you can always safety pin the wrap closed or I learned a cool trick from the designer of the safe t sleep the other day - tuck a piece of muslin or small piece of cloth over where the sleep wrap ends, and disguise how to undo it.
June 9 at 8:41pm •
Shirley Dupont
We have been using one with our little boy and what a sleep saver!! LOVE LOVE the safe-t-sleep!
June 9 at 8:45pm •
Trish Thorburn
DS hated it. Used it for 2 nights then sold it on TM. He likes to move. He did not mind the miracle blanket but kicked it in the butt around 5 months, wanted to move more. He liked the wrap me up for about another month then too hot to be wrapped so we went without.
June 9 at 8:45pm •
Cherrie Yuan
I have one but we have only used it a few times when our son was couple months old. Now I still swaddle him at night(4mths,he keeps hitting himself during sleep). We think he was too small because he almost slipped down inside it one time, and didnt like the noise either.

Perhaps when he moves to the cot we will try it again!
June 9 at 8:48pm •

Gemma Funari
I used to be safety sleep obsessed with our first two but it didnt suit us with the others. Used it till they were about one and a half! After about 11 months they just had it as a comfort thing and chose to have it on as they were fully capable of taking it off themselves by then. Used it with our third for a while but he was too smart for it and after us safety pinning it closed and him ripping the fabric open we gave up and moved onto other things...
June 9 at 8:56pm •

Anne Nillesen
Our little girl LOVED her safety sleep! She is such a big mover, and it kept her in place and snuggly all night. She was in it from about 12 weeks old I guess - and slept 12 hours straight from about the same time - until a couple of weeks ago (6 months) when we took her out of it. She is now just in her sleep sack and moves around so much, but ... See More
June 9 at 8:56pm •
Tony Darvill
My daughter was 10 months had to stop. Loved it up until then absolute god send knowing she's safe etc. At 10 months hated that she couldn't roll over 3 nights in a row it took her over 20 mins to settle. Removed the safe t sleep and back to normal settled easily. Highly recommend.
June 9 at 8:56pm •

Julie Thompson
Love the safe t sleep. My 2 & a half year old is still in it, stops him falling out the bed
June 9 at 9:23pm •
Andrea Craig
Same here Julie, my 2 & a half yr old does it up herself - stops falls out of bed and is just part of her routine.
June 9 at 9:28pm •
Sacha Malkin
I can say I've never used one and never needed to! I dont know, maybe I'm old fashioned - I just think as humans we're supposed to move so once past swaddling Eddie has been a free agent. He's now 1 and still sleeping 7pm til 7am. I think they look great for travel however!
June 9 at 10:15pm •
Joanna Bennetts
We loved ours and so did our boys. I can't remember what age we stopped but with our youngest it was once he started to twist sideways and put pressure on the seams! The funniest thing was that after we removed it from his cot it took him a few weeks to realise he had freedom!
June 9 at 11:25pm •
Sandra Soons
question.... our little one is new in her cot at 15wks... she is in a miracle blanket... sleeps best in it... but manages to wriggle round her cot still... is it ok to put a bumper around the sides to stop if and when she manages to make it to the sides... am worried she might end up in between the bars!!! sounds paranoid im sure!!
June 9 at 11:28pm •
Chen-Yen Kuipers-Goh
I put my baby on a normal bed (rather than a cot) for ease of breastfeeding during the night and the Safe T Sleep keeps her safe in position. It is one of the essential props of my bf efforts! Also totally excellent for travelling as kids can sleep in any bed, anywhere!
June 10 at 12:02am •
Chloe Duncan
Didn't begin to use 1 with your first daughter until she was 1 and started to stand up in bed. Luckily we jumped on the problem and got her into it quickly enough that she didn't turn the standing into a habit as I'm sure then she would have protested against the safety-sleep. Will be keeping that in mind with number 2 for sure :-)
June 10 at 8:30am •
Sacha Malkin
Hi Sandra, I've had a bumper on Eddie's cot since we moved him in there. Some people say dont use them as your baby could get stuck under it but I tucked mine down the sides of the mattress to avoid that happening, and made sure it was tied tightly to the cot rails. Eddie is a wriggler around his cot and with the bumper we've never had an issue :) Even if you chose not to use a bumper your wee girl will let you know if anything gets caught thats for sure!
June 10 at 9:30am •
The Sleep Store
@Sandra - we don't recommend you use a bumper until over a year of age, unless you use a breathable mesh bumper.
June 10 at 9:45am •
Dana Mitchell
Love the Safe T Sleep! From an early age my daughter, in her gogo bag, would wriggle to the top of her bassinet, get her face stuck in the padded sides, and wake screaming. We rushed out and bought a safe t sleep and all slept better as we no longer had to worry about her. She used this until she could sit up in her cot. It was also useful when we went away as we used the extension to secure her to a single bed when we needed to.
June 10 at 10:03am •
Nicola May Brooks
@Sandra and Sacha - Its not safe to have bumpers on a cot before the age of 1 not just because they may get caught in it but because they may get stuck with there face in the bumper and suffercate, its the risk of suffication thats the real danger hence why the sleep store recommend the mesh breathable ones that they cant suffercate with.
other then that, I love Safe T sleeps but couldn't really afford one for our son but will use one for the next one.
June 10 at 11:04am •
Tansy Oliver
I think the reason we use them is to try to keep our babies safe e.g. to keep them sleeping on their backs as recommended to prevent SIDS. I don't think it's necessary to judge other people's choices. And I especially don't think that you could say that people are 'restraining' their babies - many, many babies respond very well to the security of being in a safe T sleep.
June 10 at 9:11pm •
Louise Dennis
As my little one has got mobile I have loosened the safety sleep(but still safety pin it shut). She is 17 months and has it on for every sleep. She sleeps on her tummy, can turn and wiggle but the one time I took it off she was standing in her sleep crying and kept getting into silly positions! I go in now in the morning to her sitting up happily .
June 10 at 9:37pm •
Stephanie Chamberlin
I think they're really expensive, for what appears to be some fabric and velro.
June 11 at 9:45am •


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