If you have a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap for your baby or are thinking about purchasing one, it’s important to carefully follow the very simple instructions. Don’t worry, it’s the best and easy-to-use quality baby safety product that will give your baby a comfortable, more restful safe sleep and you peace of mind.

This a uniquely, independently *hospital clinically proven Sleepwrap baby wrap designed to protect your baby while sleeping and to be used with loving, nurturing, trust-building parenting skills. Download the full list of instruction in 5 languages here

Get your Sleepwrap in the right size

First, make sure to choose your Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap size according to bed size you are using for baby.

The MINI - Sleepwrap® baby wrap fits mattresses 37cm wide x 2.5cm deep. Perfect for bassinets, small bedside/side bed co-sleeper bassinets, a pram bassinet, Moses basket, carrycot and baby hammocks.

The CLASSIC - Sleepwrap® baby wrap fits a standard bassinet, pram bassinet, carrycot, Moses basket, baby hammock, larger bedside co-sleeper, portable cot/crib, boat, caravan, campervan, standard and American cot/crib, larger EU cot, and standard single bed.

The COT/CRIB - Sleepwrap® baby wrap fits mattresses 70cm W x approximately 12cm D, such as bedside co-sleepers, standard cots, and a standard-sized American cot/crib.

The LARGE - Sleepwrap® baby wrap fits standard and large cots/cribs, portable cots/cribs, beds on boats and in caravans, a standard single bed, king-single, double, queen and standard king beds.

Please note: The LARGE, CLASSIC and COT/CRIB Sleepwrap sizes all have a leg piece and a Houdini strip for extra closure protection for clever, older babies and are all suitable for babies up to approximately 2years old. The little MINI size Sleepwrap does not need to have the leg piece or Houdini strip and is suitable for newborn-6 months old.

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Instructions on how to use:

1. Wrap the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap very tightly around a good quality mattress but NEVER wrap the babywrap part tightly around baby… It should fit just snugly around baby’s torso; right up underneath armpits, allowing a flat hand between baby and wrap.

The tighter that the main wrap is around a good quality mattress, the more flexibility there will be for baby in the 'baby wrap' part and the better the Sleepwrap will work. It is helpful to tighten the main mattress wrap part before each sleep.

Simply place the 'baby wrap' part of the Sleepwrap over any ‘arms up’ swaddling wrap, baby sleeping bag or whatever sleepwear baby wears to bed.

NB: For an older baby is out of the high cot death risk period, usually between 6-9 months or as soon he or she can turn onto their tummy and back again, loosen the Sleepwrap a little more. Then using your hands gently, you can teach baby to roll within the Sleepwrap. That’s when they can find their own desired sleep positions just like we do.

sleepwrap baby wrap how to use instructions

2.a Baby sleeping on back

safety sleep

Back sleeping baby is the official recommendation for safest baby sleep position. However, babies often wriggle, creep and roll around at quite a young stage, so this can be difficult to achieve.

To help ensure the back sleeping position comfortably, wrap one side of the baby wrap part around baby's torso right up underneath the armpits. Bring up the leg piece.

When not wanting to use the leg piece, simply tuck it underneath the main wrap. Close the second baby wrap part and baby will be safe and sound. 

2.b. Baby sleeping on side

Many babies prefer to sleep on their side and often roll onto their side during sleep. This is where the Sleepwrap comes into its own for extra safety. To ensure your side sleeping baby is safer ‘arms up swaddling’ is recommended. Also ensure baby's arm and shoulder are gently placed forward on the side they are sleeping on.

This, plus a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap over whatever baby wears to bed, helps ensure that a newborn baby, until out of the high Cot Death/SIDS/SUDI risk period, does not turn face down while they sleep. Many parents prefer to keep baby off the tummy for approximately the first 7-12 months.

Remember to turn a newborn baby’s head for approximately the first 6 months, on alternate sides at each sleep, sometimes on the back to ensure a nice head shape.

2.c. Baby sleeping on tummy

Babies that prefer to sleep on their tummy tend to be more mobile and without a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap this can pose extra risk. While they are in the high Cot Death/SIDS/SUDI risk period (considered to be newborn – approximately 6 months of age), tummy sleeping is not recommended.

If you do choose to do this, or if you are advised to do this by a medical professional, then it is very important to use a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap to help prevent wriggling, creeping or rolling into dangerous, potentially suffocating positions.

3. How to use the little HEADwedge

The Safe T Sleep HEADwedge is designed to help prevent a flat/deformed head, PWS (positional plagiocephaly without synostosis) also known as Flat Head Syndrome which is common with newborns and premature babies.

The HEADwedge is best used for newborn to approximately 6months old. It MUST be used with a Sleepwrap and tucked well underneath the Sleepwrap (as per image). Using the little HEADwedge helps to ensure a lovely head shape for baby and normal brain development.

The little Safe T Sleep HEADwedge helps parents to stabilise baby’s head position in alternate position’s and also reminds parents which side they last turned baby’s head to. Simply slide the HEADwedge well underneath the mattress wrap part of the Sleepwrap, beside baby's head and underneath the shoulder, as shown in the images.

4. The Safe T Sleep Houdini Strip

The Original, patented, larger sized Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap babywraps have a Houdini Strip. This gives extra closure protection on the Sleepwrap baby wrap part and is ideal for older babies that move a lot in their sleep. Click here to see how the Houdini Strip works. 

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About Swaddling

Most young infants, newborn and older, sleep more restfully when swaddled/wrapped. If you choose to wrap/swaddle your newborn, ensure it is done correctly and safely using natural, breathable fabrics with no loose ends and with baby’s arms up gently across the chest.

It is best to use soft, breathable swaddling fabrics e.g., soft muslin or soft brushed cotton with a little ‘give’. The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap helps keep traditional and modern swaddling wraps in place and it simply goes over whatever baby wears to bed. In hot climates the Sleepwrap can also be used on its own with baby just wearing a nappy.

For extra peace of mind, see our Baby Wisdom book [link] which is widely consulted, has loads of practical, common sense, evidence-based tips, generic information and helpful images on the 1, 2, 3 of swaddling your newborn baby. The book also covers baby sleep TIPS for babies from newborn to 2 years old.

For further questions and answers on the Safe T Sleep baby safety products, please check the Frequently Asked Questions page.  

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The Ministry of Health Advice for safer sleeping

The Ministry of Health recommends all babies are put to sleep in their own sleep space, on their backs and with no loose objects like toys or bumper pads in the bed. Babies are best protected by being a smoke-free environment and being breast fed.