Fabric Testing

Fabric Research & Quality Assurance

NZ: CH.Technology Services

NZ: Dunlop.Q.A 

NZ: University of Otago Textile Science Rating - 0.27 TOG rating

AUS: Consumer Affairs Pass

EU: Standards Definition Pass 

EU: Directives Pass

EU: Intertek Textile Laboratory Pass

UK: East Lothian Council Trading Standard Pass

US: Complies: US code of Federal Regulations 16CFR 1303 and US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act HR 4040

•The Safe T Sleep fabric was scientifically tested alongside five other types of cotton for a ‘tog’ rating which is 0.27, measuring the breathability of the weave - most important for young babies in the high SIDS/SUDI (cot/crib death) risk period, especially in hot climates.

•The Safe T Sleep Sleepwap fabric is regularly tested to be chemical free and the correct, safest weave.

•The Safe T Sleep Sleepwraps fabric is a double layered, specific, top quality, 100% cotton weave designed to allow maximum breathability, yet have the strength to withstand hundreds of washes.

•Hospital laundry testing established the strength and durability of the fabric and weave and the length of suitable use, which under usual conditions is up to four years!

•Industrial-strength thread, backstitching, mitered corners, top quality, strong self-fastening strips all add to exceptional quality.

•The original Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap, when used according to instructions, provides a firm wide band which means it is highly unlikely to bunch up into a narrow cord.  (Unsuitable fabrics could cause localised pressure around the baby’s chest and/or tummy). 

•Extensive fabric trials and dimension testing ensures that babies limbs cannot become entangled. 

•Safe T Sleep systems include rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedures. 

Since it's conception in 1976 and delivery onto the world market in 1992 hundreds of thousands of babies have slept safely with a Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® and little HEADwedge.

NB: The above are significant reasons to discourage second hand, copycat versions and homemade versions.