Proudly New Zealand Designed, Owned & Operated The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is the best, practical, more versatile and economical safety Baby Wrap swaddle for home and away |

Peace of mind for Home and Away

Hundreds of thousands of babies worldwide have slept comfortably and safely in the original, trusted, clinically proven*, Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap. The world’s most flexible, practical swaddling wrap! Allows natural, flexible movement at each stage of development, yet gives security for baby. Compact and lightweight, easy and convenient when travelling, visiting, camping, caravanning, at the bach or even on the boat!

Peace of mind for Home and Away. *

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Sleeping Bag / Sleepwrap Combo

After a very difficult birth and being consumed with exhaustion as well as the elation of having my new born baby I found she would only stop crying, when I lay her on my chest, cradled in my arms feeling safe and secure. This seemed like the most natural thing to do as it comforted us both and we both slept...

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Value for Money

A great invention, and one that I tell all my friends about. Congratulations on a well thought out and safe product. It is worth every penny!...
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