Can you sleep a baby on their tummy in the Sleepwrap?

We can give 'objective' advice only and share with you what we know from our and other parent’s experiences and subsequent feedback. Over the past 21 years we have heard from several mothers who have told us that tummy sleeping their baby in the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap has worked well for them. They were aware of the back sleeping recommendation.

The Inventor's three children and a myriad of parents over a period of 21years time tummy -slept their babies in the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap. And also over the past 21years the majority of parents that we have received feedback from have back or semi-side slept their babies in Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and we are extremely proud of the safety record since 1992.

Paediatricians recommend this for certain conditions of the baby/child. The current recommendation is to sleep baby on their backs. Research shows this is safer for babies assuming they are not wrapped in a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap. We hope this is helpful.

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