My baby turns around in the Sleepwrap product – what can I do?

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product was invented by a mother as a ‘wrap’ for use during sleep and just the few moments before and after sleep. It is not intended as a restraint.

Therefore if you wish to ‘help’ keep baby off the tummy you will need to follow the product instruction leaflet within the product package and also please see the safety options listed in Q12. Somewhere between six and twelve months, babies are at the developmental stage of experimenting with varied sleep positions.

Most parents prefer to keep their sleeping baby off the tummy for at least the first nine to twelve months (a good time to encourage tummy-time and rolling over is during supervised ‘floor time’.) NB: An older baby, who can turn from tummy to back and back again and is out of the high SIDS risk period, can be taught to turn within the Sleepwrap and sleep in their desired sleep position. Whether inside a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product or not, this developmental stage of turning onto the tummy would be taking place.

It is accepted internationally that tummy sleeping during the high SIDS risk period (approx 6-12 months) increases the risk of SIDS - cot death.

Remember, during this stage babies may also still be at risk of creeping into awkward, cold or dangerous positions. Refer to: NZ Medical Journal 2002: 115:193-4. There is also the risk of climbing and/or falling out of bed. Human supervision is the best supervision; the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product will give extra safety and comfort to baby and aid your peace of mind in conjunction with loving and regular supervision and skilled parenting techniques.

If you decide that your older baby, out of the high SIDS (cot death) risk period, can sleep in his/her preferred sleep position, ensure that the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product goes around the MATTRESS REALLY TIGHTLY, although the ‘baby wrap’ part which goes around BABY should only be COMFORTABLY SNUG NOT TIGHT, allowing a flat hand to fit comfortably between baby’s chest and the Sleepwrap.

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