Do babies seem to like being wrapped in the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product?

Parents tell us that their babies seem to find it very cosy and comfortable, and that their babies seem to sleep better, longer and more restfully. There are hundreds of years of well documented evidence which show that babies usually like the feeling of security from being wrapped or swaddled. The use of the Sleepwrap product allows either a total swaddling combination and/or the shoulders, arms and legs to be totally free. The baby’s body has a lovely degree of natural, flexible movement.

An older baby out of the high SIDS risk period can/may be taught how to turn freely within the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product and sleep in their desired sleep position. For young babies, often the cot/crib is far too big an area to have no ‘boundaries’. You can make a lovely cosy, nest in the cot/crib with the help of the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product.

To add to babies cosy comfort in winter time you may also consider using a hot water bottle (temperature tested on your wrist to ensure it is warm NOT hot). The water bottle can be placed on top of the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap while you are feeding or attending to baby. The ‘warm’ NOT hot water bottle can be placed at babies feet or next to their body for a little while to help them settle. When the product has been used together with loving, trust building parenting skills, older babies tend to do the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product up themselves.

This is because they like the feeling so much and it has become a positive sleep association. In a nutshell it gives them a feeling of security, therefore a more restful sleep and consequently a better sleep for the entire family. Some mothers also use the large Travel model for safer co-sleeping.

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product was invented as a ‘wrap’ and aid to nurturing positive parenting for use during sleep and the few moments before and after sleep. Good loving, relaxed human supervision is the best supervision.

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