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Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® vs copycat and homemade products


The patented Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® is the original and only safe hospital Independently Clinically Proven baby swaddling wrap. It is the most practical, portable and versatile wrap as it will fit over all types of sleepwear and beds worldwide. Safe T Sleep products are so well made and of such high, specifically constructed fabric that they will safely last for two babies aged from newborn – 24 months plus (4years safe usage). More information can be found at:

Beware of untested imitations and over-used second hand safety products.

Copycat products appear to be the same and of similar quality, however they provide no ‘evidence’ of trialing, testing or a proven safety record. They have much less history in the market, relying simply on the record of the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product over the years.  In the absence of clinical research and medical endorsement, it is uncertain whether these other products are constructed well enough and sufficiently durable to keep a baby safe for an extended period of time, and so may pose a significant risk for babies.

Safe T Sleep Testing and Compliance:


Extra safety with the Houdini Strip with Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap:

  • Only the original Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap includes an additional, patented safety feature called the ‘Houdini Strip’. This improvement gives extra ‘closure-protection’ to the baby wrap.
  • Safe T Sleep is and will always be the original, tested, trialed and independently clinically proven, safer more versatile Sleepwrap for babies 0-24 months plus.

The Safe T Sleep brand is highly trusted and valued by parents, care-givers and medical practitioners.  It is a mature brand which encompasses objective, evidence-based research, quality, safety and integrity above all other commercial considerations.

  • The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap fabric is specifically woven for Safe T Sleep. It consists of a double layer of top quality 100% cotton. It is a special weave, which is scientifically tested to be chemical free, highly breathable, especially important for young babies in the high SIDS/SUDI risk period, yet it is strong and robust enough to provide safety for 4-5years of use.
  • Top quality fastening strips – for extra safety and endurance.
  • All fastening strips have rounded edges, so no sharp edges for comfort and safety.
  • Industrial strength thread is used, seams are backstitched and corners are mitred for extra strength.
  • Excellent manufacturing - quality control procedures for quality and product assurance.

Making a difference:

Sharing correct product knowledge regarding the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and MULTIwedge, will have the potential to help save lives, help prevent unintentional injuries and help prevent flat, deformed heads. What a wonderful gift to give to any new parent, grandparent or caregiver.

Since its conception in 1976 and it’s delivery on the world market in 1992, hundreds of thousands of babies worldwide have slept safely with a ‘Safe T Sleep’ Sleepwrap, with no reported fatalities or injuries! This speaks loudly for itself.

Our Mission: Sleep safety for babies. Peace of mind for parents.

Every year cot death/SIDS/SUDI (sudden unexpected death of infants) and mostly accidental suffocation still claim the lives of thousands of babies worldwide. Every year approximately one in seven babies aged 0-2years who are hospitalized due to falls, are from preventable falls from cots and beds.

Safe T Sleep founder and innovator Miriam van Gisbergen has nursed some of these injured babies. She has dedicated the majority of her working life to helping young mums, evidence-based research, positive -parenting education, quality and reliable business procedures and baby product safety.

The only Original Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap®

Independently Hospital Clinically Proven safe baby Sleepwrap.


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