I wish I'd known more about the benefits of using a Sleepwrap over a sleeping bag

Sleeping bags for babies have come in and out of fashion over hundreds of years. Thankfully there are now better and safer sleeping bag designs that ensure the fabrics are made from natural fibre for breathability, higher neck and armhole designs that prevent baby from slipping down into the bag.

Many parents choose to use sleeping bags for the ‘sleep association’ and convenience of cuddling baby in the night and putting them back in the cot/crib with the minimum of disturbance. Together with the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap, this combination helps promote a safer bedtime routine and acts as a familiar comforter when travelling away from home.

Sleeping bags stop baby from getting feet stuck between the bars of the cot/crib and often delay the time baby can roll over onto their tummy. Well-designed, sleeping bags go some way toward reducing overheating and potentially dangerous physical movements.

However, sleeping bags alone do not prevent rolling or creeping into potentially dangerous positions, nor do they prevent arms from being stuck in cot/crib bars, nor do they prevent babies who are in the standing and climbing stage from toppling and falling (which can even happen in a beautiful standard approved cot/crib on a low setting).

On their own, sleeping bags are not safety products. With the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap over a sleeping bag, baby is prevented from doing all these potentially uncomfortable and dangerous things. This combo also allows for the safer use of snuggly sheets and blankets to give baby that lovely, warm, cosy feeling ― often enhancing a more restful, longer sleep.

The known preventable injuries involving sleeping bags where a Sleepwrap was not used are:

  • creeping into often potentially dangerous and fatal positions (positional asphyxia/suffocation)
  • rolling on to the tummy, standing, toppling and falling from a cot/crib or bed
  • rolling off a bed (even beds on a low setting as it is ‘how’ the baby falls).

As we know and can easily observe, the vast majority of babies respond positively to the universal appeal of security.

This is particularly true for active little type wriggly babies and for the majority of babies who like to be snugly wrapped up and ‘tucked in’ for sleeptime.

Over many years, the feedback from hundreds of parents and my own skilled and loving English and French daughters-in-law, tell us that a well-designed sleeping bag, together with the Sleepwrap, regular, relaxed human supervision and a monitor gives the safest, most practical, comfortable, peace of mind solutions for them as caring parents.

Many parents report that the combo of the Sleepwrap and a sleeping bag gives their baby a more restful, comfortable, longer sleep and gives them as parents much needed extra sleep and peace of mind.

“I highly recommend using a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap, combined with a baby sleeping bag – it’s the perfect combination for babies once they are no longer swaddled. It means your baby is warm and won’t wake up cold, or under the covers, plus it’s great to have the peace of mind that your baby is in a safe sleeping position all night. We always recommend the Safe T Sleep and sleeping bag combination to parents looking to teach their babies to sleep settle, and learn to sleep through the night”.


Director of The Sleep Store & Baby Sleep Education

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