How you can get assistance from WINZ for a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap :)

How you can get assistance from WINZ for a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap :)

WINZ (Work and Income NZ)

On a letter of recommendation from a Midwife, G.P., Occupational Therapist,

Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist or other Medical specialists. WINZ

has often assisted with the purchase of a Sleepwrap product.

 She slept better and so did we

By David F on July 4, 2017

I was familiar with this product but had never used it. My wife works in healthcare and is aware of the risks to babies during sleep time. Along came our first baby and within weeks she was able to roll over in her crib. I said lets try a Safe T Sleep, and 16 months later I can say it has been both a life saver and a sleep maker. Using the Safe T Sleep, our baby was snug and safe on her back for the first few months, and then able to turn onto her side and still sleep safely. She slept better and so did we. Then after she turned 1 we discovered she was ready to sleep on her tummy, but also able to stand and potentially climb out of her cot. Plus she would roll into the sides of the cot and wake herself up. We got advice, fitted the Safe T Sleep around our baby more loosely to give her the freedom and room to turn over within the band, and it has worked brilliantly. She has a full range of movement while asleep but won't get herself into trouble once awake - we can leave her asleep knowing she is safe, secure and comfortable. Thanks Safe T Sleep!


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