Dangers of using SECOND HAND or homemade/copycat Safe T Sleep® Sleepwraps®

Dangers of using SECOND HAND or homemade/copycat Safe T Sleep® Sleepwraps®

It is unwise and unsafe to use Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap products for more than four years.  After this lifespan the fastening strips and fabric weave consistency may not continue to provide a firm, wide band as this and the fastening strips may start to break down. The fabric may then bunch up into a narrow cord which may cause localised constriction and/or pressure around the baby’s chest and tummy.

Under usual conditions the Sleepwrap provides security, comfort and better sleep. It allows comfortable, natural movements; helps keep face clear and head uncovered, as recommended to help preventable fatalities and injuries. The Sleepwrap is ideal to help positioning babies with reflux, colds, colic and in any event where there is a need to elevate the bed as baby cannot slip down into potentially dangerous and/or uncomfortable positions at the bottom of the bed!

Significantly since its invention in 1992 hundreds of thousands of babies worldwide have slept safely in the patented Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® with no reported fatalities or injuries. This speaks loudly for itself.

The little Safe T Sleep MULTIwedge, when baby is back sleeping, should be tucked well underneath the main part of the Sleepwrap (pic above right). This helps prevent/correct misshapen, flat, deformed heads, unnecessary trauma and thousands of dollars of remedial costs. It is most suitable for babies under 6months old to help keep babies head on alternate sides. When baby is side sleeping simply tuck the little MULTIwedge into baby’s back.

Not all flat heads “come right”. Well over 35% of babies worldwide retain a flat/deformed head! 4.2% need surgery to allow normal brain development. The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and MULTIwedge help ensure a safer sleeping baby plus a nicely shaped head :) 


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