Are cot deaths really a thing of the past?

Cot Deaths are still a concern:

Too many babies are still dying through accidental, mostly (over 92%) preventable, suffocation. Traditionally called 'Cot Death, then SIDS and now SUDI, which means Sudden 'Unexpected' Death of an Infant. Please see:

Many Paediatricians, health and baby care workers agree that the sad reality is, many of these deaths could have been prevented by a proven safety product readily available in the New Zealand market. A Sleepwrap that addresses the most widely acknowledged cause of cot death by preventing babies from rolling and/or creeping where the potential to suffocate is greatest.  

The Independently Clinically Proven Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap allows a full range of natural movements at each stage of development, only restricting only those which could lead to harm. It simply wraps over whatever baby wears to bed.

Those tiny wrigglers can get themselves squashed against cute cuddly toys, bedding and bassinet or bed frames. If a baby’s head tilts or jams too far down toward the chest; the airway can block. With the Sleepwrap comfortably stabilising baby’s position in the bed, babies are safer and also have a more restful sleep. 

Another very real aspect of cot 'distress' that the Sleepwrap addresses is when reflux babies inhale their own vomit either by rolling onto their tummies and being unable to pull their face away, or for those parents dutifully following the latest medical advice "back to sleep is best', for some babies, the spill can fall back into the throat where it causes discomfort, choking and sometimes long-term brain damage. Only a percentage of babies naturally turn their heads to spill.

With the Safe T Sleep system the baby is secured in a supine or semi-side position in the Sleepwrap with a small wedge tucked safely under the wrap keeping a back sleeping baby's head on alternate sides so that any spilling flows down to rest harmlessly on the mattress, plus alternating positions helps ensure a nicely shaped head and normal brain development.

Paediatricians often recommend raising the bassinet/bed/cot so that the baby is at a forty five degree angle for reflux, colic and respiratory challenged babies. The Sleepwrap provides extra security with a piece that passes between the legs to stop the baby slipping down to the bottom of the bed, preventing an entirely new set of problems. 

All baby safety products need to be used with responsible nurturing, loving, trust-building parenting skills. Since its invention in 1992 hundreds of thousands of babies have safely used the Sleepwrap and there have been no recorded cot/crib deaths/SIDS/SUDI or injuries over this entire period.

Wonderful comfort for babies and Peace of Mind for Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers for home and away.



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