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Safe T Sleep®

Safe T Sleep® | Baby Wisdom Book. Baby sleeptime handbook

Safe T Sleep® | Baby Wisdom Book. Baby sleeptime handbook

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The perfect gift for any new parents, this is the 3rd edition of the Baby Wisdom Book, a wonderful down to earth, common sense guide to sweet sleep for baby and you! It’s the practical no nonsense baby sleeptime handbook you need! Beautifully illustrated for 2nd language parents, caregivers and grandparents and/or sleep deprived parents.

Those first days of parenting are a wonderful, exhausting, amazing, bizarre and often also scary time. You leave the maternity ward with baby in your arms and get thrown into the wild world of parenting. On your way out of hospital they tell you, “Good luck! Watch out for that soft spot on the baby’s head! But… there’s no instruction manual on to how to manage that or life with a new baby.

The first three months of a newborn’s life are the “fourth trimester” and it’s no secret that getting your newborn to sleep through the night is the Holy Grail of parenting. With sleep deprivation and worries if they’re getting enough milk, getting the right amount of sleep, or if they’re growing properly, parenting a newborn is overwhelming!

That’s why this Baby Wisdom Book is a must-have for new parents. Full of practical information that will make your life with baby so much easier, this is a down to earth, well illustrated handbook for new parents, grandparents and caregivers.

The Baby Wisdom Book is written by Safe T Sleep Founder Miriam Rutherford-van Gisbergen, a mother of 3 who has an extensive background in nursing training, human development education, positive parenting facilitation and community work.

Miriam has been involved in campaigning for objective and full education about safer sleep since the early 1990s and shares her knowledge and tips with you in this widely consulted fabulous book that covers “'Things I wish I had known” and has plenty of delightful, family-friendly drawings.

The book is non-academic and presents a collection of mums and dads’ expressions, and Miriam’s own experience in working with young and new parents. The chapters are standalone so it can be read one chapter at a time. This is purposefully done for tired and/or second language mums.

Get it for yourself, or as the perfect gift for a loved one’s baby shower. It’s the best book for new parents and helps everyone get a comfortable and restful sleep.

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