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Choose Safety, Choose the Safe T Sleep MINI Sleepwrap, little MULTIwedge and Baby Wisdom Book NEWBORN GIFT PACK

* The pack includes x1 MINI Sleepwrap fitting mattresses for new pods (latest thing) baskets, Moses baskets , hammocks , airline cradles , pram bassinets and small bassinets. RRP$59.99.

We continue to feel very confident and proud of our nil reported fatalities or injuries since 1992 with the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap products.

The world’s only ORIGINAL, most versatile, flexible wrap that goes over all wraps and any sleepwear for extra Peace of Mind and easier travelling. Safety tested quality ensures at least four years of safe usage.

Giving a safer sleeping baby, a lovely shaped little head.                                 * x1 little Safe T Sleep MULTIwedge which is used by parents to help keep a young baby’s head on alternate sides and when side sleeping can be used behind baby’s back. Independently Hospital Clinically Proven to ensure back OR side safer sleeping positions.  RRP $19.99

* x1 3rd Edition Baby Wisdom Book back by popular deman- HOT OFF THE PRESS!

Baby Wisdom Book - this booklet contains generic and Safe T Sleep specific info as a practical baby Sleeptime handbook for parents/grandparents & caregivers.

A very down to earth, practical handbook for new parents, grandparents and caregivers. RRP $29.99

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