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Mini Sleepwrap

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Safe T Sleep MINI Sleepwrap 

This model will fit mattresses upto 37cm W x 2.5cm D for small co-sleepers, bassinets, pepipods, carrycots, moses baskets, airline bassinets, baby hammocks

Suitable from newborn - approx 6months of age.

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is not a resteaint . It is a ‘wrap’ allowing all natural movement for babies.

***This 100% safety proven wrap allows All natural , flexible movement at each stage of development. 

The only movements disallowed being those which could pose danger. 

The only original, clinically proven, practical and comfortable swaddling babywrap. Safer sleep, natural flexible movement for baby and peace of mind for parents. Ensures safety over all types of swaddling and sleepingbags. 100% safety record EST. 1992.


As recommended ‘by Health Ministries (and Paediatricians) in New Zealand and worldwide.

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