Houdini Door


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Do you have a young child that constantly comes out of their room at bedtime? Do you want to keep your child (or pet) out of the babies room, the office or perhaps the toilet? Want to stop that bedtime nightly visitor sneaking into your bed at 3am? Here's your solution!

The Houdini Door is a device that you fit to your door frame. It firmly holds a 35mm door at a set distance. The hall light can still shine in, but your small child can not escape by moving the door forward or backwards. It is the perfect tool for that frustrating cot to bed transition when your child constantly comes out of their room. Or if you have a baby and you would like to keep your toddler out of their room. Simply use the 2nd attachment for this door during the day.  The door is still open allowing the air to circulate and you can still hear baby cry out, but the toddler can not get in and disturb your sleeping baby.

 How to install a Houdini Door