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Babies tend to develop in 'stages' rather than ages. Once babies are between 7-9 months, have a strong neck and upper body strength control, are trying to roll over and back again simply use your observational and gut instinct by using your hands to gently teach /  help baby to roll ...they usually just 'get it' quite quickly.

Pick a time when you are both relaxed and make it a little fun :)

All babies are different of course and this may be a frustrating period for everyone as they go through this developmental stage of rolling over and back again.

Whether in a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap or not baby will be going through this stage.

Without the Sleepwrap during this stage babies may end up in awkward, cold or potentially dangerous positions. They may also be at risk of standing, climbing and falling.

This happens to nearly one in five 0-2yr olds who are hospitalized each year from falls...being just the Tip Of the Iceberg!

Lots of tummy time and floor time on a nice, clean, solid warm mat out of drafty areas encourages some roly-poly play, which can be fun and expedite this new 'sport ' & developmental skill:)

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