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When back-sleeping their baby some parents prefer ‘arms down’ swaddling. When back sleeping simply tuck the little leg piece away, back underneath the main Sleepwrap part. Also see

When using a Sleepwrap and especially if side-sleeping your baby it is best to have a breathable fabric wrap and swaddle your baby’s arms up high across their chest as per the instruction leaflet which accompanies the product.

Especially if baby is side-sleeping we recommend ‘arms-up’ swaddling as opposed to ‘arms down’ swaddling as this minimises the likelihood of baby turning onto the tummy during sleep. The shoulder and arm of the side that baby is positioned on must be placed forward when side-sleeping. Arms up swaddling also helps expand baby’s ribcage for easier breathing and also allows for self-soothing with their little hand just as they do in the womb.

See the ‘Safe T Sleep Booklet’ where resources of different methods of wrapping/swaddling are given: 

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