Is my side sleeping baby safer in a Sleepwrap?

Yes provided the very simple instructions are carefully followed and mainly because baby is less likely to roll onto the tummy. The ‘back sleeping position’ is internationally recommended as the safest sleeping position currently, due to a baby being less likely to turn on to the tummy from a back position than from a side position. This is assuming the baby does not have their own Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap.

If you or your Paediatrician chooses or recommends side sleeping for your baby, then to ensure a safer side-sleeping position, simply place baby’s underarm and shoulder forward and follow the simple product instructions enclosed with the original Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product. Also read: 

Also if using a swaddling product ensure that baby’s arms are gently wrapped up high across the chest. We recommend ‘arms-up’ as opposed to ‘arms down’ swaddling when side-sleeping as this minimizes the likelihood of baby turning onto the tummy during sleep.

When the Sleepwrap part wraps over and just up underneath baby’s arms, this will ensure comfortable and safer movement. The little Safe T Sleep HEADwedge may be tucked in behind baby’s back.

Alternate baby’s side at each sleep to help ensure a nicer head shape. Some parents occasionally position baby on the back to sleep as well.


NB: if you have a wriggly, Olympic baby! It is important to see: