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In our experience working with many parents since 1992 the method of feet or foot is a ‘herd principle deterrent’ and will only prevent ‘some’ babies from creeping upwards. The writer/inventor/founder of Safe T Sleep (NZ) Ltd has met four mothers who lost their babies using this method and a fifth mother (a DR) whose baby nearly did. She contacted us as to where to buy a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and went straight out to purchase one in Canberra, Australia.

These babies logically used this position at the foot of the cot/crib to push off against the cot/crib bars and lever themselves to turn over and/or turn themselves sideways and or face down. The eldest fatality being a beautiful little baby girl of twelve and a half months old!

Please also see Clinical Review Article – Sleep Medicine Reviews, Vol 4, No. 5, pp 453-469. doi: 10. 1053/smrv.2000.01.19, available online at

We would definitely recommend the use of a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product when positioning baby anywhere in the cot/crib but particularly if you are positioning baby at the lower end of the cot/crib to prevent this from happening.

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