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Yes see Question: ‘What options do I have if I have a very wriggly Olympic/Houdini baby?’

Many babies like the feeling of being ‘tucked in’ and they sleep more restfully. The Sleepwrap may be used with all types of traditional muslin and modern babywraps, sleeping bags, pyjamas, gowns and with large natural fibre size sheets and breathable blankets. The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap makes all these options a safer practice.

With a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product, almost all natural movement is possible for your baby during sleep; the Sleepwrap product holds baby gently and safely in a more secure position in any bed.  It is important to tuck a large sheet and/or blanket, preferably a soft breathable blanket, over baby and well underneath the sides and foot of the mattress to hold sheets and blankets in place, also see: . See Question: ‘Why use Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap products with baby’s 9-months or older? Or why bother using a Sleepwrap product if babies can undo the fastening strips?’ last paragraph.

As the baby is held in the centre of the cot, they are less likely to push themselves up into corners or down into the bottom of the cot, pulling their blankets out and then waking up cold. There is hundreds of years of well documented evidence and observational experience that babies often love to be ‘tucked in’ even when in a sleeping bag. Remember it is unsafe to use synthetic duvets with babies under 2 years of age, because duvets are usually lightweight and too easily kicked or pulled over babies face, and they are usually not breathable.
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