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Paediatricians often advise parents to use a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and a breathing monitor together to help keep the monitor in place more securely.

Many parents over the years have had great success with this as the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap helps to maintain the position of a breathing monitor. This means fewer false alarms, more restful sleep and even more peace of mind for parents.

A good quality monitor is also a wonderful aid to use together with the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap as it will alert you to your baby waking. When you attend to baby quickly in a relaxed way this will build ‘trust’ and your baby will build a positive sleep association with the Sleepwrap :)

There are many good quality monitors on the market and remember these are also just an ‘aid’ to be used together with nurturing, positive, trust building parenting.  Nothing replaces diligent, caring human supervision.

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