Can I co-sleep with my baby? Or is a bedside co-sleeper bassinet the safest baby bed?

NB: it is by far the best baby sleep practice to use a bedside co-sleeper bassinet or a traditional bassinet right next to mum for at least the first 6months of age. Many parents choose to use the Mini or Classic.

If you still choose to co-sleep in the family bed, choose to do so as safely as possible by using a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap and minimize the known risk factors:

Co-sleeping main risks:

  • Smoking
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Overheating between adults
  • Creeping and suffocating underneath bedding

Safer co-sleeping with the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap:

  • Helps prevent baby overheating as baby can be positioned next to the mother only
  • Helps prevent baby creeping into dangerous positions and underneath bedding by using the leg piece on the Sleepwrap

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Some parents use the Large Sleepwrap for safer co-sleeping in the family bed.