safe t sleep sleepwrap swaddle


Swaddling a newborn baby to give comfort and security is a timeless and ‘learned Art’. Regardless of colour, creed or race, parents throughout history practice some form of swaddling or ‘holding secure’ a newborn baby. 

1 ) The traditional  soft, naturally breathable muslin fabric wrap together with the natural 100% cotton Safe T Sleep safety wrap over the top to help keep the muslin swaddle from coming undone. 

This safe baby sleep combo is still very popular and is a tried and true method. See step by step safe baby sleep swaddling tips HERE.

2) In winter: any cosy, natural fibre sleepwear with built in warm mittens, with a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap safety swaddle over the top. See Instructions HERE.

In summer baby needs just a nappy and the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap safety wrap on its own or over whatever natural fibre sleepwear or wrap that baby wears to bed.

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap, the Baby Wisdom book and the links above will assist those parents who constantly find their baby keeps rolling and likes to sleep on their side; also for those interested in preventing plagiocephaly / flat head,

Happy parenting everyone!

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